The Doctor Strangeroll Campaigns


Doctor StrangeRoll first started out as an experiment to play an adventure several times, once in each edition of Dungeons & Dragons. The experiment didn’t actually last that long. Not surprisingly, after we started most players stopped being too keen on playing the same adventure over and over again using different systems.

So, it changed, it evolved. Now, it’s just my gaming blog and I talk about gaming topics that interest me. I also post synopses of games I’m currently running (unless it’s a play test for a convention game that I don’t want to spoil).

The Doctor StrangeRoll Campaigns

Basic D&D (BECMI) – We played through the U1: Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh and X1: Isle of Dread, then started I3: Pharoah before the game fizzled out due to attendance issues.

D&D, 4th Edition – We played an original campaign set in Eberron. We completed the campaign and it cemented 4th edition as my least favorite edition of D&D (sorry).

Pathfinder – We felt there was no need to differentiate between 3rd edition, 3.5, and Pathfinder. The games are very similar and some of us were already starting to suffer from rules confusion.

D&D, 5th Edition – I look back at an early post about 5th edition with much bemusement. I was very cynical about this edition when it was announced, believe that I would give it a look and go back to AD&D, 2nd edition. I was wrong. We played through Hoard of the Dragon Queen which, sadly, ended in a all-but-name-only TPK.

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – We played an original Star Wars campaign set around the time of Episode IV: A New Hope in which the PCs were members of a rebel cell who shut down an Imperial attempt at weaponizing the ancient Rakghoul virus.

D&D, 5th Edition – The current campaign: an original campaign using surviving characters from Hoard of the Dragon Queen, now with 100% more Spelljammer!


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