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My Geek Chic Spartan Gaming Table

It is here. It is assembled. I have pictures!

You can see here, the gaming area awaiting delivery. It’s so empty. So lonely.

It starts unassuming. Boxes being carried up by two men suffering in the unseasonably warm & humid spring Indiana weather.

More boxes. It actually looks like parts of a table now.

The top is unboxed and awaits assembly.

Assembly commences. They’re nice enough to provide me with an instruction booklet. If I ever move, it’ll have to be disassembled to get it out of the room in which it resides. (No, I didn’t have to assemble it myself, they were just out in their truck when I took this picture.)


Here is the interior storage space.

Next, here’s the table with the top fully removed.

My ginormicus Ptolus map has a new home!

Here I have two leaves in with the Leaf Guards installed so they can be used as playing surfaces.

And finally, a detailed shot of the table top/interior with the leaves & Leaf Guards in.

And I was up way too late getting these pictures uploaded. Apparently, my 12MP camera makes pictures too large and WordPress chokes on them. :p

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