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Star Wars: Warlords of the Imperial Remnant — Sessions 4 – 5

Cast of Characters

  • Bahlie, a wookiee Hired Gun (Marauder)
  • Sheatat Gralea, a human Soldier (Commando)
  • F0X-Y, a droid Engineer (Mechanic)
  • Dua Mar, a sullustan Bounty Hunter (Assassin)
  • Jensen Tal, a twi’lek Consular (Niman Disciple)

On board Redemption, Captain Datari gave Sheatat, F0X-Y, and Jensen Tal a new mission: go to Kril’dor and determine how willing the tibanna gas mining facility there would be to do business with the New Republic. It seemed like a simple enough mission, but Kril’dor was on the edge of Imperial Remnant space.

Once there, they got the lay of the land and met with Trinity Station administrator, Devin Cayo. He was willing to hear the New Republic out, but was concerned due to the station’s proximity to the Remnant. He harbored no loyalty to the Imperials, but he didn’t want to bring even one star destroyer down upon the station.

The group spoke to several people on the station and managed to access docking records. They hoped to gain an understanding of exactly which Imperial ships frequented the station and how often they visited. F0X-Y spent the evening collating and analyzing the data they recovered.

The next morning, station security arrived at the quarters Bahli, Jensen, and Sheatat shared for the night to arrest Bahli. Administrator Cayo had been murdered some time in the night; his arms had been ripped from their sockets and wookiee fur was found at the scene of the crime.

Not wanting to get into a shooting fight with the station’s security personally, the group cooperated as the station constable, Donlan began his investigation and locked down Trinity Station. Meanwhile, the group started their own investigation. After convincing the station’s med tech to let them examine the adminstrator’s corpse, they found evidence that there was a struggle and tissue under his fingernails did not belong to any wookiee, let alone Bahli. They also finagled access to the station security logs and found video footage from a cleaning droid showing a trandoshan hanging around the admin offices after hours.

The evidence was enough to convince Constable Donlan to release Bahli and they decided to speak to the only trandoshan on the station, a mercenary called Trassk. The mercenary was not inclined to be cooperative, but after a brief fight, he decided life was more important than taking his secrets to the grave. He told them he’d been working for an Imperial agent who communicated only through dead drops. The assassination of Devin Cayo was just business.

While Constable Donlan took Trassk into custody, the group worked on setting up another dead drop for the agent. They set the agent up for an ambush in a deserted part of the station, but were unable to capture him alive. Regardless, Trinity Station’s new administrator, Terra Cayo was more than happy to pledge to do business with the New Republic exclusively, especially if they could provide protection from the nearby Remnant.

With that settled, the group checked in with Captain Datari. He informed them they were being released from their duties with Redemption and they were to rendezvous with Commander Gant in New Eol Sha on Dantooine in one month. With that much time on their hands, they agreed to help Dua Mar track down a bounty on Mygeeto, a neighboring system of Dantooine and after that, they’d spend some time investigating old Jedi ruins on Dantooine to try to find some solutions for Jensen Tal’s broken holocron.

They boarded Nightlance, bid farewell to Trinity Station and headed for Mygeeto…

Part of the reason I haven’t been keeping up with updates is that I can no longer access the classic editor in WordPress for some reason, and I find the Gutenburg block editor about as pleasant to use as a self-directed tooth extraction. Everything I try to do in it fights me and I find using it extraordinarily frustrating, so much so, that doing something like this, for which I do not get paid, feels utterly pointless because I have better things to do than fight WordPress.

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Star Wars: Warlords of the Imperial Remnant — Session 3

A proper 3rd session didn’t happen on February 26th, even though most of us were able to log in just fine. I blame family stress/drama related to my mother’s third hip replacement (yes, THIRD). That’s all resolved now and once we got started on the March 12 game, things stayed on track pretty well, even though we were down a player.

Cast of Characters

  • Bahlie, a wookiee Hired Gun (Marauder)
  • Sheatat Gralea, a human Soldier (Commando)
  • F0X-Y, a droid Engineer (Mechanic)
  • Dua Mar, a sullustan Bounty Hunter (Assassin)
  • Jensen Tal, a twi’lek Consular (Niman Disciple)

With Sheatat departing to help soldiers from the Redemption take Onderos Behn back to the ship, the rest of the task force finished their sweep of the crimelord’s hideout, then headed back into the city to check out landing pad 90-Delta-B where his other ship, Nightlance, was docked.

En route to the spaceport, an excited Devaronian accosted the group and eventually introduced himself. He called himself Canno Wix and wanted to represent Bahlie in a paid Arena, the Valveworks Bloodring. He offered the wookiee 50% of the winnings if she’d go with him and let him manage her. After determining there was little urgency to investigate Nightlance, they group agreed to follow him. He led them to the Bloodring, deep in the undercity. He assured Bahlie that the fight would be a cakewalk–her opponent Krorgar was tired from fighting all day.



He was not.

The Gamorrean managed a couple of solid hits with his vibro-axe before Bahlie finally emerged bloodied and severely wounded, but victorious. She took her winnings from Canno Wix and declined an invitation to continue fighting in the arena. They headed back towards the docking platforms, leaving his protests to fall upon deaf ears.

After some judicious use of stimpacks, the group stopped by a medical supply shop and bought more stimpacks, then headed to a repair depot for emergency repair kits for F0X-Y. They then resumed their walk to landing pad 90-Delta-B. Though several of Onderous Behn’s employees objected to the task force’s acquisition of Nightlance, a quick exchange of blaster fire put a stop to their violent opposition. The Duros techs from the spaceport were more than happy to let the group have their prize; they got paid for refueling and maintenance, not to guard crimelords’ ships.

Nightlance was a sleek, fast-looking ship with big engines and enough space for the entire group. It appeared to be nearly new, or very well-maintained at least. Dua Mar assumed command and they left Nar Shaddaa to rendezvous with Redemption.

In all, not a bad session. We didn’t get quite as far as I wanted, but in retrospect, stopping before the briefing was probably better so that everyone can hear it next time. The next game technically falls on Gary Con weekend, but since the convention is virtual again this year, I’ll just not sign up for any games on Friday night and I’ll run our Star Wars game again. It’ll be like playing at the con, but with my home group. Win-win!

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Star Wars: Warlords of the Imperial Remnant — Sessions 1-2

A new year, a new President, and a new campaign.

After in-depth discussion, the majority of the group wanted to play Star Wars (Thanks, “The Mandalorian”). I’ve always got Star Wars ideas bubbling in my head, so this was no problem, even with one player wanting something Force-centric and another wanting something more in the vein of “The Mandalorian” (and the others were happy to be along for the ride).

Since it’s still not safe to game in-person here in Indiana (and most of us are not yet eligible for the vaccine), we’re using Discord for Voice Chat and Foundry VTT for our virtual table top. As a GM, I’m finding using Foundry easier to set up than Roll20 was. Warlords of the Imperial Remnant takes place 10 years after Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi, 5 years after “The Mandalorian.” The cast of characters includes:

  • Bahlie, a wookiee Hired Gun (Marauder)
  • Sheatat Gralea, a human Soldier (Commando)
  • F0X-Y, a droid Engineer (Mechanic)
  • Dua Mar, a sullustan Bounty Hunter (Assassin)
  • Jensen Tal, a twi’lek Consular (Niman Disciple)

The opening session found them as part of a task force on board the New Republic cruiser Redemption. They pursued a crime lord, Onderos Behn to the Smuggler’s Moon, Nar Shaddaa. Disabling his ship in orbit, they were unable to keep him from launching all of the escape pods and setting his ship, Black Brick, to self-destruct. While the task force disabled Black Brick‘s self-destruct and secured the ship, Redemption‘s crew tracked one of the escape pods to the Corellian sector on Nar Shaddaa.

While searching Black Brick for information, the task force found the location of Onderos Behn’s hideout. They took a shuttle from Redemption down to Nar Shaddaa to look for him there. After a run-in with a musician literally ejected from a bar in the market near the spaceport, they were accosted on the streets of Nar Shaddaa by some unwise, possibly high aqualish thugs intent on mugging them. They gave the thugs a brutal beatdown and proceeded to Onderos Behn’s hideout unmolested further.

The hideout was a building located in a rare area of green space, abutting a rock ledge. Keeping out of range of the security system, they identified an automated turret by the front door and found a way to climb to the top of the building for further scouting. They found a way into the garage through one of the roof vents, dropped down and made short work of Onderos Behn and his lackeys. They secured their prisoner and reported in to Redemption. Captain Ganis Datari thanked them for a job well done and asked them to hold him while a transport was dispatched to their location. While they waited, and after a thorough search, the task force located and opened Onderos Behn’s vault. It was filled with ill-gotten trade goods, several rare weapons, and a few antiquities of particular interest to Jensen Tal: a lightsaber and a holocron. Unfortunately, the lightsaber’s power cell appeared dead and damaged; repairing it would have to wait until later.

Once Captain Datari arrived, they regrouped and shared with him what they’d found. He suggested they investigate the other ship Onderos Behn’s records indicated he had on Nar Shaddaa, Nightlance. According to the records, it was docked on platform 90ΔB. Once Onderos Behn was secured in New Republic custody, they headed out to find Nightlance.

We’ll see how long this campaign lasts. The first 1-1/2 hours of the second session was spent with one player unable to transition to the next map I’d set up in Foundry (Onderous Behn’s hideout). We’re still not sure what occurred or what fixed the problem, but I was ready to call the session by the time it was resolved. Between technical difficulties, the on-going pandemic, and other stressors, it’s incredibly difficult to care about gaming and to be enthused about anything, though I do find prepping sessions with Foundry to be massively easier than Roll20. Maybe after a few more years of this, I’ll be comfortable enough with it to run games online more frequently.

I don’t know that I’ll keep a session-by-session log of this campaign. As one might surmise, the above constitutes two game sessions. I have several new duties at work that keep me extra busy (and tired when I’m done), and a few other projects I want to work on, but I’ll try not to let another year go by before posting again.

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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – The Jewel of Yavin, part 5

This entry is written from the point-of-view of my Edge of the Empire character, a Duros politico named Baniss Mulk. It will have spoilers for Fantasy Flight Game’s adventure The Jewel of Yavin. You’ve been warned!

SWEotE logo

Duros malePersonal Journal – Day 6811 of Exile

Much to my surprise, no one fell to their death as we climbed up the central air shaft toward the vent that would lead up into the museum. Apparently, Cloud City has problem with pest control, but we managed to avoid the rawwks* nesting in the air shaft. We didn’t even set off the alarm when we broke into that storage room, though we had to neutralize a droid and destroy another. There was another security droid patrolling the museum, but Herrick took care of that one while I opened the door to the room holding the Jewel of Yavin.

Unfortunately, there were guards in that room and before I could tell them about the plight of the Duros people (or subject them to my brilliant drunken, recently passed-out partier schtick) they opened fire.

The situation was not ideal.

Despite our efforts to relieve them of their duties, they tripped the alarm and locked the door. Ungrateful mammals! Naturally, this summoned more guards to shoot at us. Apparently, at ME, specifically. Caring not for the plight of the Duros people and their designated representative, they gunned me down.

Darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time… The stars wheeled overhead, and every day was as long as a life age of the earth… But it was not the end. I felt life in me again. I’ve was sent back until my task is done, revived by Dr. J. When I had my wits about me, I resisted the urge to change into stark, white robes. The room was filled with the bodies of the hapless guards who were more dedicated to their jobs than their lives. In short order, we snatched the jewel and made our escape.

I called Arend Shen to arrange our pickup, as planned. We made our way to the pickup and boarded the waiting speeder. Naturally, someone decided to plant a bomb on the speeder and also sent a squad of goons to shoot at us just in case our speeder didn’t blow up (which it didn’t because we’re that good). Arend had betrayed us! My opinion of mammals and their trustworthyness has not improved. In a fit of bigotry, I suggested we steal Baron-Administrator Calrissian’s ship in which to make our escape. That was vetoed.

It wasn’t easy, but we returned to our ship and blasted off with the jewel and no payment. Selling such a rare and distinctive gem will be a challenge, but I’m hoping to at least break even. The universe owes me that.

And thus ends The Jewel of Yavin. I like the FFG Star Wars system, almost as much as West End Games’s d6 system. I don’t think the system is perfect and the adventures definitely assume you have a well-diversified party (despite our efforts, we were still lacking in a few key skills and we learned that the adventure benefits from NOT having your pilots be your tech people… who knew?). I wonder if some of the difficult of the adventures is because they’re fairly early products and the writers are still getting a handle on the system. They definitely assume you’ll be utilizing the Destiny Pool liberally.

I did not particularly like playing Baniss. The Politico is a “face” character, a fast-talker, and that is not the type of character I’m good with. I think I would’ve been happier with a techie or a pilot-type character (I liked Kelko Gen, RIP). Our group also didn’t seem devious enough to think of all the ways we could get an edge in this adventure, either that, or those were not telegraphed sufficiently. In that regard, it reminded me of some of those old style adventure games where you had to combine random things to find the solution to the puzzle and once you knew the solution you could see in what twisted way it made sense, but it didn’t if you weren’t in a very specific frame-of-mind.

Several people expressed an interest in playing more heroic characters, so Hoard of the Dragon Queen for D&D 5E is being greatly anticipated. We were basically criminals in this Star Wars game. They were goblin pirates in the Pathfinder game. They were very anarchic treasure hunters in the D&D 4E game before that. Heck, I’m looking forward to GMing for a group of heroes. Plus it’ll be good to play D&D again.


* I had a HUGE disconnect with this creature. Apparently they’re native to Bespin, yet inhabit the floating cities and mining platforms. Have those structure been there long enough for a mammalian species to evolve on a GAS GIANT?  I can buy the gasbag creatures living in the clouds, but furry mammals evolving on a gas giant, even flying ones? Totally wrecked my suspension of disbelief. I know, I know. It’s STAR WARS. But still, some writer didn’t think through this when they invented rawwks.


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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – The Jewel of Yavin, part 4

This entry is written from the point-of-view of my Edge of the Empire character, a Duros politico named Baniss Mulk. It will have spoilers for Fantasy Flight Game’s adventure The Jewel of Yavin. You’ve been warned!

SWEotE logo

Duros malePersonal Journal – Day 6810-6811 of Exile

After narrowly avoiding complete failure by falling bass-ackwards into an invitation to the gala, we took a few moments to change clothes and freshen up. Agents of the Chiss persuasion were hanging out in the lobby and we overheard them talking about Herrick, so he decided to not return to the room with us and go hide elsewhere. We make plans to meet with him at the gala. At this point, I am convinced whatever greater power there is controlling the universe has it out for us. Forget crime lords or the Empire, FATE itself seems determined to destroy our lives.

Once we arrived at the gala, I got busy working the room. We saw some of the other bidders, like the Togruta, Shraya. Zekra Fol accosted Herrick and Xena, and demanded to know if their killing of Razer was a hit. I got her alone and assured her it was actually an accident before asking her if she was familiar with the plight of the Duros people. I explained how our planet was folded into the Corellian sector against our will and how my father died to ensure my mother and I escaped so we could continue to fight for Duros independence. She was less than sympathetic; I don’t know what I expected from a mammal. I managed to anger Shraya to the point that she left the gala; I would have thought a Togruta would be sympathetic since the Empire is known to have no love for non-humans.

While the others tried to figure out ways to steal the Jewel of Yavin, I continued to work the room. Sadly, no one cared to learn about the plight of the Duros. You’d think the mammals would have a greater appreciation for THE PEOPLE WHO BROUGHT HYPERSPACE TRAVEL TO THE GALAXY. Without us, they’d still be flitting about in deathtraps, clinging to their atmospheric-skimming orbitals and unable to reach out to the stars. But that’s okay. No need to show the least bit of respect for the species that allow them to crawl out of the primordial muck that was their worlds before interstellar travel.

At some point in the evening, Herrick and Xena got called into a meeting with Kaltho the Hutt. That’s not going to go well for them. Hutts have a lot of money, though, so I decided to see if Kaltho was familiar with the plight of the Duros. According to his Major Domo, he would be happy to give me a loan. Yeah, sure, I have no problem pledging my arms, legs, and first three children to the Hutts.

The gala ended and someone won the auction. We knew it was important to get the money as soon as it was transferred; the gem would wait. We tracked down several banking droids we could slice to re-direct the funds and decided to go after the one furthest away. It would shut down for the evening first and would also take the longest to return to its charging station. If we failed at that droid, there were two more to try. We found it in a fairly deserted area and, using a combination of the restraining bolt I purchased and brute force, we wrangled it into a service lift. Xena sliced the lift to lock it down between floors so we could work on the droid in private. Having some sort of dataspike would sure have been handy, but she managed to get the funds transferred. Unfortunately she saw that her new benefactor, Kaltho the Hutt, was the winning bidder. I calmed her panic attack by pointing out that she wasn’t stealing from the Hutt. He… or she, I’m not sure which phase of life Kaltho is in, paid the auction house and we stole from the auction house. We didn’t have time to properly dispose of the droid and cover our track completely, though, so we sabotaged the lift and sent it crashing down to the bottom of the shaft with the droid in it. Hopefully, digging its “black box” out of the wreckage will take long enough for us to make our getaway.

Slicing the droid took longer than we hoped, so, pressed for time, we bribed ugnaughts to get us to the proper maintenance tunnels to let us climb the central windshaft for our upcoming museum robbery. That bad feeling I had? Yeah, it hasn’t gone away.

I have determined, that, as a player, a talky-charismatic character is NOT the right type for me. I’m pretty horrible at it. I’m also bad at planning heists. I think I would’ve been better off as a techy-type or another pilot. Live and learn.

I pushed for greater usage of our Destiny pool this time, since we had so many Light Side points. I also pointed out as the session got late, that there was literally NO REASON for us not to use them on every roll since they were going to reset at the beginning of the next session. Frankly, I think that saved our asses. I’m beginning to think that the game expects you to use them freely, rather than hoarding them for when you think you might need a boost. Sort of like the Fate point economy in Fate games or Bennies in Savage Worlds. They’re not Hero Points from late D&D 3.X/Pathfinder or D&D 4E, to be using sparingly in cases of life & death. They’re necessary to keep the dice from totally screwing over your party. I still think FFG set some of the difficulty too high in some cases, though.

The next session will be a one-shot of Fate (an Atomic Robo-inspired Fate Accelerated game, to be exact–Action Scientists of Tesladyne, Issue 1: The Madness of Doctor Frankenheimer) due to one of the key players in this heist being away on vacation. Depending on how attendance is looking for Hallowe’en, that may stretch into a two-shot. When we return to Edge of the Empire and The Jewel of Yavin, it will likely be the last session. Hopefully, we’ll have better luck than we did at the climax of the last Edge of the Empire adventure.

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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – The Jewel of Yavin, part 3

This entry is written from the point-of-view of my Edge of the Empire character, a Duros politico named Baniss Mulk. It will have spoilers for Fantasy Flight Game’s adventure The Jewel of Yavin. You’ve been warned!

SWEotE logo

Duros malePersonal Journal – Day 6810 of Exile

The Grand Prix was upon us. We rushed to get our racer entered, then I took a position in the grandstand so I could watch the race. There were many teams competing, but only a few seemed to be a serious threat to our chances. One local kid seemed to be a favorite, Rocket, Rayger, Razer? I think it was Razer. Looking at the odds sheets, I realized I should’ve placed some bets. Anyone betting on us was going to be pretty rich when we won.

Naturally, this backwater planet, as cosmopolitan as it wants to be, is incapable of keeping the track clear. The racers not only had to contend with competitors shooting at them, but big, stupid jellyfish and their winged predators, too. Xena and Herrick did a good job of avoiding them, but spent most of the race lagging behind. They just couldn’t seem to push their racer hard enough to catch up to the teams that got a good lead.

Fortunately, as the race neared its end, some well-placed blaster shots too everyone out except for Razer. I was relieved I didn’t bet on us; there wasn’t as much money in a second place win. Herrick took one last, desperate shot at Razer as the local racer was just about to cross the finishing line, causing him to spiral out of control and crash in a horribly conflagration. We finished! We were the only finishers!

… and we were disqualified for causing the death of Razer. Sith spit.

As we all reconvened, my thoughts turned to how I was going to brush up my resume. I was going to need a job. We didn’t have enough money to stay for much longer (or even to refuel our ship and continue paying the docking fees). Our team killed the local favorite racer. Going incognito for a few years was looking pretty good.

A Hutt’s representative approached us before I could make my move. Our bold racing strategy didn’t help us win, but caught the attention of a Hutt who wanted us to go to the post-race gala as his representatives.

I have a bad feeling about this.

The race took up the bulk of this session, hence the write-up’s relative brevity. We had a short discussion after the game regarding the system. It was another session where many of our rolls were abject failures and the observation was made that the game system seemed to be very swingy; i.e. you either succeeded spectacularly or you failed terribly. It creates drama, to be sure, but I wish there was some way to mitigate that a bit. Failure for several consecutive minor rolls gets frustrating. The Destiny Pool doesn’t help a lot because we typically roll poorly for that, so we are reluctant to dip into it for fear of NOT being able to use it when we really need to.

While our failures in this session didn’t (and wouldn’t have) resulted in the deaths of our characters, they could have potentially locked us out of the rest of the adventure. I don’t honestly know if the Hutt inviting us to attend the gala in his name was a contingency on the part of the adventure for groups who don’t win the race, or an ass-pull by the GM to keep us in the game, as it were. It will be interesting once the game is over to go back and read the adventure to see what is supposed to happen, since we are capable of derailing ANY plot. Watching our group play is like a live-action demonstration of Chaos Theory.

Another part of the game we thought was unnecessarily harsh were some of the rules revolving around vehicles. The race used quite a bit of them and it seemed that the racers’ system strain was too low with respect to how a race should actually be run. Putting the hammer down right out of the gate uses up the majority of your ship’s system strain, one more and you’re essentially out of the race. So, you can hammer it right out of the gate and stay competitive, or play it really conservative and hope to catch up. In the meantime, the other ships are trying to shoot you down so your co-pilot has a choice: shoot back or try to recover strain. Of course the system is really swingy, so at least 1/2 the time you’ll fail to recover any strain (note: I have not crunched the math and worked out the exact probabilities, nor do I plan to do so; these are my impressions).

It was dramatic. It was edge-of-our-seat (though less so for those of us not actually piloting our racer; though the GM had us roll for some of the other teams to keep us doing something during the game). I still feel like no matter how competent you are or how well you plan, you’re 100% at the mercy of the dice, though. Maybe that’s just cynicism from chronic poor rolling, though. Or maybe, Fantasy Flight Games makes their adventures too frickin’ hard for the average group. I’m certainly going to be watching that carefully when I run my Age of Rebellion game (barely in the planning stages, D&D is still next).

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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – The Jewel of Yavin, part 2

This entry is written from the point-of-view of my new Edge of the Empire character, a Duros politico named Baniss Mulk (may Kelko Gen R.I.P.). It will have spoilers for Fantasy Flight Game’s adventure The Jewel of Yavin. You’ve been warned!

SWEotE logo

Duros malePersonal Journal – Day 6809 of Exile
While most of the mammals went drinking under the pretenses of gathering information, I set about disguising our racing vehicle. It wouldn’t do to enter a cloud car into the race adorned in the colors of Cloud City’s Wing Guard. I finished my task and returned to our suite. Dr. J had spent some time casing the museum while Herrick and Xena were out drinking, so the night wasn’t a total loss. Of course, if Herrick and Xena actually learned anything from their “investigation” it was going to have to wait until morning, as they were barely coherent by the time they returned.

Fortunately, they did glean some information we could use about some of the other racers. Apparently, one particularly unpleasant fellow makes a habit of shooting other racers to remove them from competition, and is skilled enough that he doesn’t get disqualified himself doing it. I thought we should try to manipulate him into gunning for our competitors, but I don’t think anyone was paying attention to me. They did like the paint job I gave our cloud car, though. Unfortunately, they ripped it apart to remove the armor plating to reduce the weight. At least they didn’t scuff up the paint too badly.

Xena told us about banking droids that she saw, which changed our idea of what the bank job portion of our task was going to be. Dealing with a droid would be easier than breaking into a physical location; much less chance of getting shot, I should think. I made a mental note to go to Bespin Buy and pick up a restraining bolt. Meanwhile, we all paid a visit to the museum. The security cameras were well-hidden enough that none of us spotted any. I found that idea ludicrous to say the least. The Guide Droids in the museum were of great help, as long as we acted like tourists. The instant we tried to get more specific information from them that had nothing to do with the exhibits, they became annoying and unhelpful. I did find out the museum had changed hands since it’s original construction, so I paid a visit to the bowels of the city and the ugnaught-run Construction Guild.

After a bit of haggling, I acquired a complete schematic of the museum from the Construction Guild. Apparently, the ugnaughts have no particular loyalty to the tall folk who run the upper levels, but even still, it required lubricating his palms with most of the remainder of my money. We could now plan our post-auction nocturnal excursion to the museum with competence! Xena wanted to try a test run of hacking into the city’s central computer, and lacking an astromech, the only way to do that was to find a connected terminal. Unfortunately, since publicly accessible terminals were unsuited for this task, that meant trying to access one in a governmental building. We discovered these are under extremely tight security.

Regrouping as the day drew to a close, we went over what our tasks were:

  1. Win the Grand Prix
  2. Go to the Gala/Auction
  3. Bank Job to retrieve the credit bid on the jewel
  4. Museum Job to retrieve the jewel itself
  5. Escape
  6. Profit!

With a sinking feeling, we all looked at each other and realized we ALL had a very bad feeling about this.

Some of our dice rolls didn’t fill us with confidence. Fortunately, the odds of dying horribly, eaten by jungle monsters, was much lower this time, but the risk of failure was just as great. It also seemed that the majority of the tasks we needed to do rested on the shoulders of one person: our slicer who also happened to be the most proficient atmospheric pilot (played by my wife). She’s really feeling the stress of carrying the whole plan on her shoulders. I’m not as stressed about it as she is, since she’s consistently rolled best out of all of us. Still, having all our eggs in one basket like that does worry us. I guess we’re going to have to do what we can to aid each other over the next two sessions.

I’m still sold on the game system itself. It’s a nice blend of dice-crunchy and narrative, and while I wouldn’t say it’s rules-light, it does hit a nice balance. The dice themselves take less than an hour to get used to and the more you play the game the faster the task resolution takes. I’ve heard some complaints that it’s too fiddly and there’s too much micromanagement of equipment, particularly weapons, and space combat is  terrible. All I can say is, so far, none of that has been an issue for my group. Maybe that’s our skilled GM making up for shortcomings in the system, or maybe it’s just our play style.

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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – The Jewel of Yavin, part 1

This entry is written from the point-of-view of my new Edge of the Empire character, a Duros politico named Baniss Mulk (may Kelko Gen R.I.P.). It will have spoilers for Fantasy Flight Game’s adventure The Jewel of Yavin. You’ve been warned!

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Duros malePersonal Journal – Day 6808 of Exile
After a dull, dull flight, we have arrived at Cloud City on Bespin. I still marvel at the circumstances that led me to become aligned with this motley crew. I was unable to learn much about the Chiss, Herrick, except that “Herrick” is not his full name. The pink-skinned human, Xena is a little more open, but still a mammal, as is the twi’lek doctor, whom I shall refer to as Dr. J. None of them seem particularly interested in helping me restore my people to Duros and righting the wrongs the Empire has perpetrated there, but at least the reason we are on Bespin may serve to further my goals. We have learned of an opportunity here to acquire an item of great value: a gemstone known as the Jewel of Yavin. It will be a righteous caper, an old-fashioned heist, if you will, but the end result will serve the greater good.

I hope.

Aris Shen was our contact, the daughter of our benefactor, Arend Shen. We were to meet her in the market just past our landing bay in Port Town. Finding Aris in the crowd was easy enough, so easy, in fact, that several long coat-wearing, begoggled thugs also found her. It seemed ill-advised to let them apprehend her before we found out the details of this job for which we were hired, so we intervened after agreeing upon a rendezvous point. Naturally, the Chiss couldn’t keep it (his blaster) in his pants and took a potshot at one of the thugs. I didn’t want the Wing Guard to come down on us, so I made a scene. I grabbed one of the thugs, screaming bloody murder. Chaos gripped the marketplace and Aris got away as we distracted the thugs.

We finally got to the rendezvous point and Aris took us to her father, where he laid out his plan for us: We were to infiltrate the upcoming auction, drive up the selling price, then after the auction, steal both the Jewel of Yavin and the money. We were given a list of people we could manipulate into getting into bidding wars with each other, and introduced to another part of the plan. In order to be allowed into the auction in the first place, we were going to have to become semi-famous or at least flash-in-the-pan famous. We were going to accomplish that by entering and winning the Grand Prix. Fortunately, a Storm IV twin-pod cloud car would be provided for us. 1000px-Cloud_Car_NEGVV

The Grand Prix took place shortly before the auction, so we had a day to gather information and figure out how to manipulate the other players. Hopefully, the mammals can keep up their end. Scheming is much easier without sweat glands and other pesky mammalian autonomic anatomical responses.

Not much else to say about the system. We built new characters for The Jewel of Yavin right after the demise of the characters we used in Beyond the Rim. Hopefully, they’re more suited for the adventure. Our GM indicates he thinks we can wrap up this adventure in two more sessions. I hope our dice don’t betray us the way they did at the end of Beyond the Rim.

Once this adventure is done, I’m taking back the reigns and running games again. It is likely the choice will be D&D 5th edition, as it is the new shiny and everyone wants to take it for a spin after the positive experience we had with the Basic Rules. I’m considering running Tyranny of Dragons, though adapting a Pathfinder adventure path is also on the table.

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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – Beyond the Rim, part 6

This adventure synopsis is written from the perspective of my Edge of the Empire character, Kelko Gen, a Rodian explorer. It contains spoilers for Fantasy Flight Game’s adventure Beyond the Rim.

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The journey through hyperspace to Raxus Prime gave us an opportunity to patch Braddock up some, though he would still need more robust medical facilities to make a full recovery. We also did some maintenance to Banshee. I was looking forward to giving our report to Riham and moving on; this job was too painful to make whatever he was going to pay us worthwhile.

Naturally, we dropped out of hyperspace right in the middle of the damn Imperial shipyard! I’ll have to talk to Azira about that later. I tried to convince the Imperials we were just there to drop a load of junk off on the planet, but they wanted to see our permits. Since we didn’t have permits and Azira didn’t have what she needed to forge us permits that quickly, I took Banshee down into the smog-shrouded junk yard planet. TIE fighters pursued us, but I am an awesome pilot and managed to outfly them in the junk canyons. The sounds of their explosions was most satisfying. Unfortunately, Banshee took a bit of a beating, so we were going to need repairs before leaving Raxus Prime.

We landed in Isotech’s hidden base, using the coordinates provided by Riham. His head tech, a Rodian named Norta met and debriefed us. He gave us 2,000 credit and promised the rest tomorrow when Riham arrived. We spent the rest of the day getting patched up and took the opportunity to browse their showroom. Tomorrow, we’ll meet with Riham and get the rest of our 10,000 credit, then haul jets out of here.

…the log ends here, unfinished.

After Action Report
Strike Team Auresh-2
First Lieutenant Maxim Bonosh reporting
As we approached the Isotech facility, we became aware of a firefight taking place in the landing bays. Apparently, our informants were correct. The Yiyar Clan rodians jumped the gun. This is why we should not rely on non-humans. We waited until the fighting died down; I had no doubt the rodians would be eradicated by the Isotech forces. There was a Correllian freighter occupying one of the bays, our after-action analysis indicated it was the “Banshee” registered to a rodian Captain named Kelko Gen, currently convicted of Antiquities Smuggling among other crimes and conspicuously absent from the prison in which he is supposed to be incarcerated. I ordered our assault teams to begin the operation.

The freighter managed to take off, but our ships destroyed it. An escape pod was jettisoned during the fighting. We scanned one lifeform aboard. The pod was tracked and landed on the planet. It is statistically unlikely the pod landed anywhere on Raxis Prime that will be survivable for a significant length of time and I believe allocating resources to capture its occupant are not justified at this time.

We sustained acceptable losses, and despite Isotech having a corvette hidden in the rubble of their base, managed to achieve our objectives. We prevented the escape of the Twi’lek Riham. Unfortunately, he was killed in the assault on the corvette’s auxiliary bridge along with a Rodian pilot and a Bothan.

Attached you will find a summary of the technology and data we recovered.

So, yeah, after a great beginning to the night, we all pretty much died. TPK, baby! Our arrival to Raxus prime was heralded by pretty good die rolls. We performed well on our social interactions (it helped that we didn’t have to use our skills for that), and when the Yiyar Rodians attacked, we pretty much wiped the floor with them, although one did managed to disable the engines of our ship. Then the Empire attacked. Braddock worked on fixing our ship, while the rest of us help get the Isotech corvette underway. That was when our dice decided to go home for the night.


It was bad. Really bad. Every skill roll we made, the dice said Grumpy_Cat NO

And these were not skills we were particularly bad at. We had characters proficient in mechanics and piloting. We used up our Destiny Pool. We failed. Hard. The GM threw us all the bones he could to keep us going, but eventually all avenues were exhausted.

Prison or death, it doesn’t matter. Those characters were done.

On the plus side, we were all able to make new characters using what we learned from Beyond the Rim. We’re going to be playing Jewel of Yavin next, and our characters are much more suited for what we’ve come to expect from Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. You’ll have to wait until the next blog entry for that, though…unless you browse through the Obsidian Portal page and look at the characters.

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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – Beyond the Rim, part 5

This adventure synopsis is written from the perspective of my Edge of the Empire character, Kelko Gen, a Rodian explorer. It contains spoilers for Fantasy Flight Game’s adventure Beyond the Rim.

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As the battle raged below us, we took a few moments to reflect. How did it come to this? How did we screw up so badly?

Now that that was out of the way, we patched up our wounds as best we could, blockaded the door, and waited for the firefight to die down. Fires burned into the night, and we took turns taking watch while the others tried to get some sleep. In the morning, we were relieved to see that the fighting had stopped. We couldn’t tell from our vantage point in the hanger who won the fight, but there were plenty of carrion eaters having breakfast. Maybe the animals won.

We crept downstairs. Yup, the animals won. Unfortunately, none of the cybernetic nexu were dead, so I was missing out on all the sweet salvage that could pay for this debacle. We did stumble across Captain Loonydrawers, or at least, what was left of him. Maximo took his comlink, which appeared to be heavily modified, if not outright guerrilla tech. It might be worth something. Naturally, we managed to attract the attention of one of the feeding nexu, and our warm, living, fleshy bodies appealed to it as breakfast more than whoever it was currently eating. We blasted it as it charged, but it still managed to grab Braddock and further mangle the human before we were able to put it down. Now we had to drag his unconscious bulk around the jungle for goodness knows how far back to our ship. Not to be deterred by any semblance of good luck, our voyage to Cholganna IV gifted us with Imperials drawn to the sound of our blaster fire. We managed to get out of the refugee compound and into the reeds by the river before they found us, all because Other Human decided he needed to watch them.

Part of me wanted to eat my blaster. Another part of me wanted to make Other Human eat my blaster. A third part of me wanted to start blasting Imperials. The rational, I-Want-to-Live part of me decided surrendering to the Imperials gave the greatest chance of not dying today. So, we surrendered. We explained the situation, leaving out parts that sounded illegal and emphasizing that we were just looking for some salvage and that we were definitely not into sedition, terrorism, theft, or anything like that. The other Rodians had already spilled their guts to the Imperials though, and threw us under the speeder. I told the Imperial in charge, “You can’t trust Rodians!” He seemed to like my self-deprecating groveling and they escorted us back to our ship. I wanted to throw my arms around Banshee and hug her and kiss her forever and ever, but she’s really big and it would have looked strange if I had wrapped my arms around the landing gear. We blasted off of Cholganna IV with no salvage, many wounds, and our pride in critical condition. But we were alive, and in hoc to an Imperial officer.


We briefly considered skipping out on our employer, but I couldn’t convince everyone to flee to Zeltron and hang out with the scantily-clad hedonists. We didn’t have any money, besides. Since we had no money, we couldn’t even return to The Wheel because we couldn’t afford the docking fees. We had no choice but to press on to Raxis Prime and meet up with our employer. Hopefully, the information we had would still be worth the 10,000 credit he promised us.

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