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And now for something completely different… The Rapture! (Doctor Who)

Way back around Christmas (2016), we played another session of Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space. The PCs in this game consist of Jenny Smith (The Doctor’s Daughter), Doctor Cornelius Constance (a 19th century scientician), and Bart, a golden retriever from the planet Xylanthia.
The TARDIS crew was en route to fun Christmastime frivolity on some strange planet when all of a sudden, the Cloister bell started chiming. The sensors went off the charts with artron activity.  This threw them out of the time track and their TARDIS landed with a thud.

Scanners indicated it was the year 2020, Monday the 21st of December, Earth, Unites States, Indianapolis, IN.

You are on Monument Circle. You open the door and the circle is bathed in multi-colored lights as the monument above you is decorated as a large Christmas tree. You look back and notice that the chameleon circuit has disguised the TARDIS as one of the statues. Across the street from you is the Christ Church Cathedral Episcopal Church. There is a sign advertising the upcoming Christmas service. With the message “The Rapture is upon us! Rejoice!”

Jenny immediately felt there was something “off” about the church and the group decided to investigate. They entered the church just as the evening service let out. People filed into the fellowship hall for coffee, cookies, and gossip.

Cornelius noticed a bulletin board captioned “Those who have been Raptured” with the names and pictures of 43 people, including the former Bishop of the church, Marcus Froman. He filed this away in his photographic memory and moved on. Below the board there was a schedule of rapture times. Doctor Constance shrugs and quipped that he was not familiar with the concept of scheduling the rapture, must be some new future church mumbo-jumbo. (Though I did make sure the former Bishop was not related to the Sausage King of Chicago.)

They chatted up the rather gruff dean of the church, Dean David Stone for a little while. Since Jenny was rather charismatic and could get info out of almost anyone, they found out that there are multiple church services a day and each one ends with the new leader of the church, Vicar Judy Pertmore, announcing the next two people to be raptured. The names just come to her. The chosen are sent to the basement and into the catacombs beneath the church to the crypt of the founder. This was where the raptures happen. The group all found it rather odd that the rapture happens underground so they decided to take their leave of the Dean and go snoop around the church.

The group snuck their way around looking for the basement. First, they decided to check out the Vicar’s office. It was locked but nothing Doctor Constance’s sonic screwdriver couldn’t handle. They found nothing of any real value in there, though Bart found grains of sand all over the office. Weird, but meaningless at the weeping-angelmoment. Next, they hit the former Bishop’s office. No sand in there. It appeared as though it had not been touched. They did find a hidden compartment in the wall that contained a note from 1885 warning whoever finds the note to not trust the Vicar and to watch out for the statues. “They look like angels but they are the devil himself. If you encounter them do not look
away for that is when they strike!”
This is when those of us familiar with Doctor Who lore said: nopenopenope

Following Bart’s keen nose they eventually made their way into the basement and into the catacombs. There were random burial niches set into the walls each with a name plaque. Doctor Constance started matching up the names with the names he saw on the Rapture Board. With a quick scan they found out that the bodies were at least 100 years old and seemed to have died of natural causes. In one of the niches, they also found a journal detailing that the members of the church are being sent back in time somehow and that Judy Pertmore is working for the statues. They are put them to work digging tunnels underneath the city looking for something. In the last entry he thinks they found it. There was some sort of glowing chamber and they dragged desiccated statues into the catacombs.

Making their way to the Founder’s tomb they were greeted by two stone angel statues. The group decided it would be in their best interest to run as the lights in the catacombs, including the flashlights in their hands, started going out.  A chase ensued and the group made it up the stairs before anything happened.

The plan: hop in the TARDIS and go back to the date found in the journal. However, their TARDIS was fickle and they wound up in the Cretaceous period. A little percussive maintenance on the console set things right and they eventually arrived at their destination, December 21st 1885. A small altercation ensued with the burly men guarding the entrance to the church but they eventually made their way into the catacombs. There were more angel statues that time but there were too many eyes upon them; roughly three dozen people toiling away digging and lugging other statues around.

crack-in-timeThey made their way to the glowing room. It was a space/time rift. The statues seemed to be feeding off of the artron energy it is produced. Splitting up, they desperately searched for Bishop Froman and eventually found him. They dragged him back to the TARDIS ignoring his fascination at it being “bigger on the inside” and piloted the craft into the center of the rift causing an explosion of blue light as it slammed itself shut. The resulting paradox fixed everything the Angels worked so hard to accomplish and everything was right in the world.

The group unceremoniously dumped the Bishop back at his church and set off for destinations unknown.

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Doctor Who – Adventures in Time and Space

A few weeks ago, when attendance was not up to par for neither the Doctor StrangeRoll D&D game nor our Star Wars game, we played a session of Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space. This time, I was a player, not the GM, so it was a good break for me. The game took place in the modern Who era. I didn’t catch if we were on Doctor 10 or 11, but since The Doctor was Sir Not Appearing In This Game, it didn’t matter. We rolled up characters before starting play (it only took 20-30 minutes or so for the entire group).

My character was Dr. Cornelius Constance, a scientician from 19th century Kansas who became a time traveler after a run-in with a 51st century Time Agent. He was quite a bit like Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Some how, he became a companion to Jenny, The Doctor’s Daughter (my wife’s character). We were joined by Delyn Godslayer and Mark or Sandra. Mark or Sandra had a bit of a split personality thing going on. Jenny possessed a time ship, which was our mode of transportation. Dr. Cornelius would have loved to have acquired a TARDIS, but no such luck. He did have a sonic screwdriver, though, as well as a squareness gun.

While tooling around helping people, we came across an old space station, one which had not been heard from for 50 years (I don’t remember if we were on a mission to find it or if we stumbled across it. The former, I think.). The power seemed to still be on, though there were no automated docking systems. We docked anyway and Dr. Cornelius exited the ship (wearing a space suit, mind you) and helped with the manual docking procedures. Because Dr. Cornelius is awesome, he also started an automated refueling cycle once the ship was docked.

The rest of the crew disembarked from Jenny’s time ship and we began to explore the space station. There was evidence of fighting and we kept getting conflicting readings on the number and location of life forms within the station. When we finally reached the central computer room, we came face-to-face with a Dalek. Delyn leapt upon in, intending to do hand-to-hand combat with it (he’s a little insane in Dr. Cornelius’s opinion). Fortunately, it was mere the shell of a long-dead Dalek. We then noticed a charred corpse on the ground behind the Dalek as well as the live wire that apparently caused both of their demise.

Dr. Cornelius looked around for the controls to the computer and immediately pressed the first button he found, because pressing buttong MAKES THINGS HAPPEN. What happened was that he got a shock from pushing the button. Now we knew what that button did. Science! Learning!

We continued exploring the station, still receiving intermittent signs of life. Our group of intrepid explorers found the station’s medical lab where we discovered that many of the station’s inhabitants had a type of transponder implanted into their heads. Naturally, Delyn decided that having one implanted into his head was the way to go. Mark/Sandra assisted with the operation. While there were side-effects, the operation was deemed a success and Delyn could now do more useful things like open the stations doors without Dr. Cornelius jimmying the mechanism with a sonic screwdriver.

Sadly, the notes get a little sparse from this point on, so the remaining summary is very brief compared to how the game went and I slacked off enough writing this update that I’ve forgotten a lot of the details.

We discovered that the station had only one actual survivor and shortly after finding him, the Daleks returned. Fortunately, we also found the armory and everyone armed themselves with laser rifles (except Dr. Cornelius). While most everyone fended off the Daleks, Dr. Cornelius went to the station’s power core to do something (I’m sure someone will speak up in the comments to clarify) important for our escape and we did manage to convince the not-quite-sane sole survivor that coming with us was the best option for his continued survival and we would definitely NOT give him over to the Daleks.

The game was fun. The system was easy to pick up and learn and was very fast-paced. I’d almost say it’s a rules-light system, which I’ve mentioned several times is very appealing to me. The Whoniverse is diverse enough that if you think of the bigger picture a bit, you can easily find ways of playing in that universe without involving the Doctor at all, as this game session showed.

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