Other Important Websites

The are many other great websites out there for all you who are interested in gaming. Here are a few (in no particular order):

RPG Publishers
Wizards of the Coast
Paizo Publishing
Exile Game Studios
Kenzer & Co.
Rite Publishing
Catalyst Game Labs
Posthuman Studios
Monte Cook Games

Webcomics – ’cause this is a fun hobby and some people really, really NEED the comic relief
The Order of the Stick
d20 Monkey
The Dreamland Chronicles
Rusty & Co.
Dork Tower
Nameless PC’s
Darths & Droids

Places that don’t pay me for free advertising
Dwarven Forge
Crystal Caste
Noble Knight Games

Rowena Aitken
Wesley K. Hall  – the man responsible for the site’s header graphic
Jason Rainville
Char Reed

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