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My name is Hans Cummings. I’m not a Rules Lawyer, I’m not a Game Designer. I have my name in a few supplements published by Rite Publishing and I am currently the ENnie Awards Submissions Coordinator & Publisher Relations*, but I’m not a heavy hitter in the industry; it’s not even how I make my living.

I am an author, however, and a player of Roleplaying Games since 1982. I started playing with my friend and his copy of the Moldvay-revision D&D Basic Set. Soon, I bought an Expert Set, followed by a Mentzer-revision Basic Set. I’ve played more RPGs than I care to count, and I play them to have fun. You won’t see any deep breakdown of rules mechanics from me (though guest-bloggers might be a different story), nor will you see articles on builds, min-maxing, or anything like that. That’s not how I roll.

The purpose here is not to provide a definitive answer of “Which edition is best?” That’s impossible. What is best is what works best for you and your group of friends; what you all find most enjoyable. Any judgments I make here about a particular edition of D&D are strictly from my point-of-view; I’m not trying to tell you that your game sucks and my way is better.

If you want to know more about what I write, head on over to my other blog: Visions of Fantasy & the Future.

*sadly this means this blog will never be nominated for an ENnie Award because I can’t submit it to myself

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