Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Session 6

Since we’re all living under stay-at-home orders from the governor during the coronavirus outbreak, we switched our game to Roll20! Life may have ground to a halt, but the game goes on!

Persaadi Norixius, Dragonborn Monster Slayer Ranger
Grothsoron DeNalia, High Elf Battlemaster Artificer
Inanna Bes, Halfing Swashbuckler Rogue
Lord Darius Thornwell, Half-Elf Cleric of Kord (Tempest domain)
Biri Esstyrlynn, Dragonborn Champion Fighter

Speaking to the town guard and Eliander (captain of said guard) brought forth no revelations as to the existence of any possible cult activity in Saltmarsh. Keledek the wizard was similarly of little help, though he did agree to research undersea eldritch entities for a magical price. He resisted the idea that the book that brought forth dreams of undersea tentacled menaces had any connection to the arboreal grapplers in Silverstand Forest, however. Further investigation was cut short; the town council summoned the group for a meeting.

The council had reason to believe that while the “haunted” house was a base of operations for the smugglers, they still had one key component to their operation that needed dealt with: the ship that was using the underground dock at the house. The council bade the group to work with the town guard to board the ship and deal with the smugglers once and for all. After negotiating their fee for such a feat, our intrepid heroes put a plan into motion whereby they would impersonate the smugglers from the house and board the ship. They found the Sea Ghost after a few days and put their plan in motion.

They were able to bluff their way onto the ship, but the bluff fell apart when the shipboard smugglers began to question their mix-ups with the signalling system. It was not long before the battle was joined. Our heroes prevailed against all those who came to the main deck to challenge them, but paused to consider their options when it was time to head below deck to search the rest of the Sea Ghost.

This session went even better than the last, though I suspect the dynamic lighting was causing problems with folks seeing the map, so I may turn that off and just use fog of war to manually reveal what I want the PCs to see. It’s not really much trouble to do that and it’s less time consuming than troubleshooting a system I’m not entirely familiar with during a session. I’m pleased with the way things are going, thus far, and the structure of this hardcover has been much easier to work with than either of the two previous hardcover adventures I’ve used from WotC, thus far. I suspect because it’s design to be a compilation of linked, though stand-alone, adventures, rather than one, super-long adventure But you, maybe making long adventures paths more episodic and breaking the segments up more would make them easier and prevent problems like I had with Hoard of the Dragon Queen or Tomb of Annihilation and have written about at length. Time will tell.

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