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Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Sessions 2-3

I got slammed at work and wasn’t able to put up a synopsis for Session 2. So, I’m combining the two.

Passing through the secret door next to the wine cellar’s fireplace, they found themselves in a large room that apparently served as a dining room and barracks of sorts. The ruckus caused by the rot grub-infested body had alerted smugglers, who lay in wait for the group and attacked as they passed through the secret door. Despite taking some fire, they made short work of the smugglers. They found themselves in a combination barracks/dining hall. Stairs led to a trap door in the ceiling, presumably leading back into the house. They rigged an alarm to the trap door to alert them if anyone tried to descend while they explored the rest of the basement.

Our heroes found an alchemist’s bedroom and lab and dealt with several animated skeletons, along with a skeletal spellcaster. Feeling the pain of the encounter, they secured themselves and rested. After resting, they prepared to return to the manor, but an archer appeared from a hithertofore undiscovered secret door in the barracks and fired upon them. They attacked and follow him through into caverns under the cliffs. Within the caverns, the found a den of smugglers. After a particularly brutal fight, our heroes retreated back to the barracks to heal up and rest.

After regaining their strength, they returned to the caverns. The smugglers had taken advantage of the heroes’ absence, however, and evacuated the caverns. Finding little else of interest, our heroes returned to the manor and explored the rest of the first floor and the second floor. Apart from some deadly mold and stirges in the attic, they found little else of interest. It appeared that someone had been held prisoner in one of the bedrooms recently, but they uncovered no evidence as to who it was or why they were held captive.

Satisfied they’d determined the smugglers were the cause of the “haunting,” they prepared to return to Saltmarsh to give their report to the town council and collect their reward…

As a group with several members who have high-risk factors for complications from a COVID-19 infection, we decided to take a hiatus. For one, our next regularly scheduled game conflicted with Gary Con anyway, so we’re going to skip that session, despite the con being canceled (and moving online). Hopefully, by the week of the April 10th session, we’ll have enough information to know whether or not it’s safe to meet up again. Several players aren’t comfortable playing remotely, so for now, we’re going to hope four weeks will be enough time for the government to get a handle on things*.

* The way things have been going in the United States of America, I believe this is a fool’s hope, but a lot can change in four weeks.

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