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Tomb of Annihilation – Session 22

I’m not going to do a room by room breakdown of the exploration, but there will still be spoilers for the Tomb of Nine Gods section of Tomb of Annihilation. I didn’t have a chance to write this before GameHole Con and now I’ve forgotten the details, so this will be a brief summary.

The explorers defeated the rest of the monsters summoned by the cabinets and raised the portcullis. It led them to a corridor that seemed to be cursed to destroy all non-magical clothing and items, so those least affected by that scouted ahead and found stairs leading down and, in another room, what looked like a giant chain vanishing into planar vortices: a Mechanus chain. They surmised it was helping operate the complex traps within the tomb, but they had to deal with a swarm of quadrones and a pentadrone before proceeding with their exploration. Beyond the chain, they found another room with an odd sphere contained within an orrery of sorts, as well as a crawl way that led back to the control room. A lever caused the console they’d so judiciously avoided manipulating to slide out of the way.

The group reconvened and went the long way ’round, using the crawl way to all gather in the room with the orrery. Baersora entered the sphere and manipulated the controls, adjusting the orrery’s depiction of the solar system and summoning a yugoloth. Despite wielding a vorpal greataxe, it proved little challenge for the heroes.

After the battle, they contemplated if they had thoroughly searched this level before descending to the next…

Yeah, it’s short. Like I said, I didn’t have a chance to write this up before I left for GameHole Con. I think I hit all the important bits. We’re in the home stretch now; I think we’ll be able to wrap up Tomb of Annihilation this year and start on Ghosts of Saltmarsh by January at the latest. Next session, there may be a few key absences, so I plan on play testing a D&D B/X adventure I’m writing for Gary Con. November 22nd’s game should see us return to ToA.


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