RPG-a-Day 2019 – Connection

I’ve already written about, perhaps even this month, how almost every social connection I have came about through gaming. Certainly, almost every person in my life who I consider a friend I met through gaming. Despite what bullies say, tabletop gaming is a social activity. Gamers make connections every day. Every convention, every public game is an opportunity to forge new friendships. While technology has made it possible to engage with the hobby in solitary ways (watching livestreams), it is almost impossible to actually play the games alone. Sure, you can spend hours creating characters, writing adventures, going through the motions of solo play, but the vast majority of gamers find that unsatisfying if they don’t also get to play the game with other people. Technology has made that easier, too. If you can’t find a group locally, there are several online tools to either help you find local gamers or game with people over the internet using virtual tabletops. Technophiles like to complain that technology is driving us apart, making people spend their time with their heads down, staring at their phones. They speak from a place of fear and ignorance, for many of those people are actually more engaged with their friends and family than they could have ever been 30 years ago.

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