RPG-a-Day 2019 – Evolve

Over the vast number of years I’ve been gaming (35+), my games have evolved from simplistic read-the-adventures-aloud-to-each-other-and-kill-everything-there to more character-driven narratives with actual plots. I used to play only D&D (and its derivatives)… of course, when I started, there wasn’t much else available. I’ve seen the industry grow and change. I’ve seen Gen Con triple in size over the last ten years alone (from 22,000ish attendees to nearly 70,000). Change is constant. We have to evolve with the change or we risk being left behind, grumbling that people who play different games aren’t REALLY playing games and aren’t really gamers. I hope I live to see that manure-laden point-of-view confined to the compost heap of history.

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