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Tomb of Annihilation – Session 15

I’m not going to do a room by room breakdown of the exploration, but there will still be spoilers for the Tomb of Nine Gods section of Tomb of Annihilation.

After resting and recovering, our heroes decided to descend into the second level. They chose to take the obvious, open route, rather than the secret stairway. One of the first rooms they encountered featured another gaping green devil maw, this time set into the floor. An area of magical darkness obscured what lay beyond, but Rayla’s imp saw past it into what appeared to be a tomb filled with hieroglyphs. After a brief discussion, they decided to let Herrick take advantage of his slippers of spider climb and have him investigate the tomb.

It did not go well.

The hieroglyphs were each inscribed on a floor tile. The floor tiles were pressure plates. Obviously, they were part of an elaborate puzzle to unlock the sarcophogus they suspected belonged to I’jin. After sealing one of the tombs exits and being nearly devoured by swarms of ravenous locusts, Herrick was saved only by Rayla fireballing the tomb. They retrieved their masticated, now-hairless, singed friend and took time to heal his wound before deciding to explore more of the second level before trying to solve the puzzle of I’jin’s tomb.

Later, they discovered an odd-circular section of hallway, that allowed them to walk up, as though they were on the inside of a vertical torus. About midway, the hallway contained an invisible portal that led to copies of the Tomb of Nine Gods that appeared to exist in different points in time. They explored a bit and returned to the tomb entrance only to find a desert or frozen snowscape outside, instead of the jungle they expected. Deciding that solving this mystery distracted from their ultimate goal, our heroes resume their explorations of the tomb, setting off a trap remotely which sealed a nearby room and flooded it with wine. After draining the room, they were not able to determine any purpose to the trap and paused to discuss where to go next….

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Only two more games before Gen Con! I’ll be on Author’s Avenue again, at table Q. I won’t have any new books this year, though. My wife’s cancer put everything on the back burner, so even though I had a finished first-draft, there just wasn’t enough time after her treatment to get Summer of Crows edited, revised, proofread, and produced prior to the convention. I will DEFINITELY have it for GameHole Con in November, though, and I’m hoping to have another Zack Jackson novel finished in time for Gen Con 2020 (that would be number five: Zack Jackson & The Ruins of Athos for those of you keeping track).

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Tomb of Annihilation – Session 14

I’m not going to do a room by room breakdown of the exploration, but there will still be spoilers for the Tomb of Nine Gods section of Tomb of Annihilation.

After a short rest, the explorers decided to finish searching the first level before taking one of the sets of stairs down. They found two more trap and puzzle-laden rooms containing artifacts bound to trickster spirits. Wongo pushed Obo’laka out of Herrick and Moa possessed Rayla by the time they’d completed their explorations. The possessing spirits were proving themselves to be more of a nuisance than a hindrance, however, and the group theorized that they may have to acquire the associated artifacts of all nine of them by the time they found the cause of the Death Curse.

They returned to the fountain room and experimented a bit more with the magic waters, discovering that not only could it alter the drinker’s gender, but it could both strengthen and weaken one, as well as render them unable to speak. Fortunately, Sobek’s ability to communicate effectively returned after a while and they resumed their delve.

They completed their exploration of the first level, leaving no nook unexplored, no cranny unpeaked in, before proceeding to the second level…

So, I left out a lot of room-by-room stuff. I can think of few things more boring than recapping each and every room of a 6-level dungeon, so I’m only going to do a greatest hits version. The only thing of significance I omitted was a magical mug Sobek acquired that featured a frowny face when empty and a happy face when full. This provided at least five solid minutes of amusement and he has now chosen to use it to aid in his emotiveness, since lizardfolk don’t have the most expressive faces. And yes, he got Inspiration for adopting the mug as part of his character’s expression because it was just that funny.

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