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Tomb of Annihilation – Session 11

After a long, long hiatus*, we’re back at it! The group voted to resume our D&D 5E Tomb of Annihilation game, picking up where we left off. However, since I want to get it done and over with, I came up with a plan to fast-forward through a bunch of stuff and get to the end game. Plus, the way I’ve done it lets us ease back into the game after 8 months of not playing (not so much a problem for half the group who were able to play in other games during the hiatus, but the other half needed a refresher and I have not run a game in all that time, either).

Our heroes arrived at Omu, at long last. After taking in the sight of the city below them and the billowing clouds of steam rising from the river into which a flow of lava poured, they made their way down to the streets. As they investigated the gatehouse, Baersora made note of graffiti on the walls, written in Common, unlike most of the rest of the writings they found in the jungle. Finding nothing else of note in the gatehouse, they proceeded into the city.

As dusk approached, they found themselves at a shrine. A sunken pool of water stood between them and the shrine, crossed by broken rope bridges. Shards of a toppled monolith formed stepping stones across the water, leading to a statue of a stone frog. Taking stock of the area, they saw they could walk around the pond and enter the shrine, but instead developed an alternate plan once Sobek saw what appeared to be an eye stalk protruding from the surface of the water.

Gale Force Nine’s mini I’ve been sitting on for 8 months waiting on this encounter. Mine isn’t quite as expertly painted.

Baersora cast Mage Hand and used it to flick the eyestalk**. With a roar and spray of muck, a froghemoth heaved it’s bulbous bulk from the water and attacked. While it did grapple and swallow Nali, she managed to cut her way out of its gullet and they defeated it. Sobek dug through the remains, certain that such a huge, swallowing beast had devoured something valuable at some point. His funktastic voyage proved fruitful when he found a solid metal rod featuring a single button. When he pressed the button, the rod became fixed in place and immovable. After healing Nali and cleaning up, they prepared to enter the shrine…

So, as I expected, this ended up being an abbreviated session. We had 8 months of catch-up B.S. to do since we had not all gathered together at the same time since our last game session. My wife’s stamina should improve over the next couple of weeks, but I expect we’ll have abbreviated sessions through May, possible June. We will also have a new player joining us next session, the wife of Sobek’s player. It works out well that they’re entering a section of the adventure that allows characters to drop in very easily.

* My post on January 9 summarized why this game went on hiatus. With my wife’s follow-up PET scan completed, it is confirmed that her cancer is in full remission. Sadly, less then a month after that post, we had to euthanize little Bendu (he was 9 months old) because he developed Feline Infectious Peritonitis (for which there is no treatment). It was, not to mince words, fucking heartbreaking.

When my wife’s mid-treatment PET scan came back clear and she first got word that she was in remission in March, she wanted another cat. So, we adopted a beautiful grey girl we called Ilia (after the Star Trek: The Motion Picture character played by Persis Khambatta). Ilia was one of several shorn woman (including Furiosa and Ellen Ripley in Alien 3… and I’m sure she’ll chime in with others I’ve forgotten) my wife used to convince herself losing all her hair was not the worst thing in the world (and certainly better than being dead).

** Poking the bear, as it were, was NOT the strategy I was expecting.

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