RPG-a-Day 2018 – Week Three: DESCRIBE… your plans for your next game.

You want me to give everything away? Some of my players read these blogs!

There’s two ways to answer this: my “next game” being the next time we get together to play and the “next game” being the next adventure campaign I’m going to run.

The next time we get together to play, the plan was to continue our Tomb of Annihilation campaign. We’re only about eight sessions in, so there’s still a lot to discover and no one has died yet, despite it’s meat-grindery reputation (some of which could be attributed to differences in play style; I don’t particularly enjoy adversarial games). However, due to a player absence, the plan has changed, and we’ll once again play the Barbican Bastards in our Blades in the Dark game.

If you want to know about the next campaign I’m going to run, well, that’s too far off for me to have anything set in stone. I’ll probably take a break after Tomb of Annihilation so we can all play some Blades in the Dark (so I can actually play instead of GM). I might be in the mood to run sci-fi after that (maybe Star Wars D6) or a series of short, one – two session games using some of the new RPGs I’ve acquired. Heck, maybe by then Western RPG will be out and we’ll get some cattle rustling action going. Maybe Pulp Cthuhlu or Masks of Nyarlathotep (unlikely since most of my group is not enthused about Call of Cthulhu).

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