RPG-a-Day – Week Two: HOW… can a GM make the stakes important?

GMs need to understand WHY their players are playing the game. If everyone is just there for a beer & pretzels murderhobo game, then having the stakes be as simple as “kill monsters, take their stuff until you have All The Things” is perfectly fine. If a player’s goal for their character is more nuanced, then the GM has a bit more work to do. The important thing is to tailor the events in the game to fit in with each character’s goals. If you’re running a game where the end game revolves around saving the children of a village and the characters are all evil thieves who want to get rich and don’t care about people other than themselves, they’re not going to be very incentivized to follow the plot. On the other hand, if the characters are goodly folk from that village, then some of those missing children might be their kin, and those stakes are MUCH higher.

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