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Tomb of Annihilation – Session 6

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We return from our moved-induced hiatus and jump right back into the action.

Following the defeat of Nanny Pu’pu, the intrepid jungle explorers sequestered themselves in one of the remaining intact huts to rest. Once recovered from the fight with the pterafolk and the hag, they set off to descend the plateau and join up with their triceratops pack animal.

Much to their relief, Stampy survived being left to her own devices at the bottom of the plateau. After a brief discussion, they decided to head to Omu by way of the Heart of Ubtao. They set off across the Aldani Basin, making a beeline for the Heart of Ubtao. After humid first day, their second day was plagued by constant rain.

Late in the afternoon of the second day, they noticed flat, cut stones poking out through the vegetation upon which they traveled. It as as thought the wilderness swallowed an old road. Just then, then ground gave way beneath them. As Stampy scrambled to keep from falling in, the others failed, falling into the darkness. Only Sobek remained above ground. Once Stampy was secured, he lowered a rope to his companions.

The room in which they found themselves featured multiple diorama-filled niches as well as a central display also containing a diorama. Assuming this was a lost temple of sorts, the group decided to explore a bit before resuming their trek toward the Heart of Ubtao. After admiring the craftsmanship of the dioramas, they turned their attention to the lone door leading out of the room. They chose a brute force method of opening it and proceeded.

Unfortunately, they tripped a trap in the corridor which blocked the way back to the diorama room, forcing their decisions; the only way out now was through.

They avoided a fight with a giant crayfish and it’s giant hermit crab master, Kalka-Kylla, both of whom could speak, much to their surprise, looted a statues, and negotiated with a giant slug calling itself Tecuziztecatl, deftly avoiding fights with these giants invertebrates.

After nearly drowning when a flooded room disgorged its water into their corridor, they came across a room that seemed to contain a beach, completed with a scantily-clad singing woman, who dove out of sight upon their entrance. They pondered what this could mean compared to their previous encounters….

We stayed pretty focused on the game, much to my surprise. Normally, after a month off, we can expect to get very little done due to all of the catching up we have to do. Of course, most of the game group was able to help pack/move/set-up at various points over the previous 3-4 weeks, so it’s not like we didn’t see or talk to each other that whole time. The new game room isn’t completely set-up, but most of it is. This is half of the bonus room above the garage; the rest is climate-controlled attic. At some point, I’ll have storage along the walls for my Dwarven Forge and miniatures. Currently, all my board/tabletop games are being stored under the table. They may stay there; I may need the space behind the GM station for minis and terrain, plus, behind and to the left of where I’m standing in this picture, I have a painting table, which may or may not remain in this room.

2018-06-08 16.08.54

View from the DM’s station

2018-06-08 17.55.58

What the players see; there’ll be more storage at the rear of the room… eventually

2018-06-08 17.56.25

The Game Room Library Nook

Holy cannolis, can you believe there’s only three more game sessions before Gen Con?

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