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RPGs – The Final Sessions

Final in the sense that they’re the last games I will play in my current home. When next I play, I’ll be in my new house in my new game room.

2018-05-06 10.09.31For the last three sessions I’ve been a player, rather than GM. My GeekChic table is a sad remnant of it’s former self. Disassembly proved surprisingly easy; about 10 minutes of work with a helper (technically, I was the helper while someone more proficient than I figured out which screws to remove). I’ll be able to reassemble most of it by myself, needing help only to put the top back on the table (it’s there hiding under the blanket).

So, what did we play?

We had a crew of Bravos. I played a Tycherosi hound, Uxorious Gethsemane-Prince, aka Crimson Crow. His particular vice was pleasure, so I decided not only did he frequent brothels, he was also an employee of his favored one. I don’t remember all of the rest of the crew, because my notes are packed, but we had a Whisper (I think) whose vice was being possessed by ghosts.

Basically, we planned a heist of a jewelry store, summoning a few ghosts in the processes (which I gunned down in the guise of being a Good Citizen™ while the rest of my crew escaped with the goods). It got one of my prostitute friends and myself arrested and beaten (how else are they going to get answers from a demon-looking guy, right?), but no charges were pressed and we scored some coin, increased our rep, and made a rival gang look bad. The Barbican Bastards were on their way to becoming real players.

After that, we played:starfinder_1000x200

Ysoki_envoy_scoundrelThe adventure was Live Exploration Extreme!, kind of a “Naked & Afraid”-style reality show hosted by a ghoul that reminded one of our players of Xcrawl. I played an ace pilot Ysoki I named Zitch Twitchwhisker. Since it’s a published adventure, I won’t give away any plot (plus I was EXHAUSTED, so there are some elements, I realized last night when my wife was talking about it, that I don’t remember at all).

While, I have reservations about the system (low-level play is fine, but I suspect high-level play will still bog down like Pathfinder does), the adventure was a lot of fun. I resisted the urge to play an android because I know a lot of Benderisms would come out (I’ve been binging Futurama lately), and I didn’t want to disrupt the game with a hearty “Bite my shiny, metal ass!” I may have thrown in a “We’re boned!” or two, though.

Zitch was fun to play. He had ALL the skills: computers, engineering, piloting… everything I needed to be awesome. I may have been a little racist towards the ghouls, though and I definitely remember bullshitting a few of the NPCs at one point.

In summary, Blades in the Dark is awesome: would play again. Starfinder has a great setting, but I’ll bet once you get into the mid-high levels, problems I had with Pathfinder will rear their heads again, though since there aren’t as many supplements (yet), I’m sure rules bloat isn’t as big of a problem. I’d play low-level Starfinder again. I’d play or run D&D 5E in Starfinder’s setting in a heartbeat, though.

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