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End of Year Update

I don’t know if this will really be the last update this year, but since I mostly use this to log the games I run, and I’m between campaigns right now, it might be.

After the conclusion of my Wand of Orcus campaign, I’ve been taking a break from GMing to actually sit and play. The last three sessions have been Savage Worlds games. One sci-fi, one Deadlands Reloaded, and one supers game.

Due to the way holiday schedules work out, there won’t be another game until December 22, which is scheduled to be our annual Doctor Who Christmas Special game (using Cubicle 7’s excellent Adventures in Time and Space Doctor Who RPG).

On January 5th, with the holidays wrapped up, we’ll play… well, we’ll have to see. I need to play-test two games for Gary Con in March and there’s five sessions scheduled between the first of the year and Gary Con. I haven’t decided what my next long-term campaign will be. Maybe it’ll be a continuation of the Spelljammer Wand of Orcus game (i.e. high-level w/same characters, but not Spelljammer; something more grounded), maybe a new D&D campaign like Tomb of Annihilation, maybe Star Trek Adventures, maybe Star Wars. Whatever it is, it’ll be something that requires low prep for the first quarter of the year. Maybe I’ll just sit out as GM until things settle down.

Have a happy holiday season! There’s a lot of celebrating to do!

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