#RPGaDAY 2017 – Which RPG do you enjoy adapting the most?

Short Answer: None.

Long Answer: First, I don’t like tinkering with rules enough to make an adaptation. I just want to play the game. Second, in my experience, most adaptations don’t work as well as a game purpose-designed to emulate a certain style of play/genre/licensed property. There are exceptions, of course. Going back to the Star Wars RPG, I never felt like the d20 adaptation fit the feel as well as WEG’s or FFG’s versions; it always felt like D&D playing at Star Wars. D&D in SPAAAAAACE, as it were, but without the gonzo fun of Spelljammer’s scro, giff, or miniature giant space hamsters. I don’t really consider using options in generic rules to fit a certain type of game “adapting;” it’s kind of what those games are designed for, although if you start writing your own rules to cram a square Savage Worlds into a jagged oblong Fallout hole, then that would be adapting.

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