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5th Ed. Spelljammer – The Wand of Orcus, session 19

We hadn’t intended to take an extra week off, but I ended up with con crud from Gary Con, so there you have it.

The crew spent much of the next day preparing for their journey. After making sure they had the gear necessary for an extended underground excursion, they sought out the one man their investigations revealed might know where to find an entrance to the Underworld: Grigori the Dark.

They tracked him to The Screeching Owl, where they found Grigori preparing to leave Bryttan to return to his home in the south. After a brief conversation, they persuaded him to give them directions to the location where he found an Underworld entrance. He admitted he couldn’t tell them what to expect there, exactly, as he turned back when he found the entrance; he was not equipped for a journey of that complexity. The entrance he found was in a cave system accessed from the Cathedral of Truth’s catacombs. The cathedral itself was far to the north, beyond the Great Forest.

They took Sea of Stars and flew north, cutting weeks off their journey. They found the Cathedral of Truth just where Grigori indicated it would be and climbed down to the astonishment of the two acolytes who saw their ship arrive. The bewildered clerics directed the crew to speak to Keepers Brand or Rosalin.

Inside the cathedral, they inquired of Keeper Rosalin regarding catacomb access. She informed them they were not open to just anyone, and there was currently an undead problem they were dealing with; it wasn’t safe. Straxius offered that he and the crew be permitted to look for the cave entrance in the catacombs in exchange for clearing out the undead. The Keepers accepted the terms and allowed the crew entry into the catacombs.

There was nothing particularly unusual about the catacombs, except for the ghost, specters, and wraiths who attacked them. Despite giving Veya new grey hair, the undead were vanquished and the crew retreated back upstairs to seek healing and restoration. Once rested, they returned to the catacombs with Keeper Brand to seek the cause of the hauntings and try to find the entrance to the cave system of which Grigori the Dark spoke. They found it behind one of the tapestries, a dark crack in the wall leading into the depths of the earth…

Unbeknownst to the crew, but beknownst to those of you reading this, a courier gave Kagark a package just before they departed Bryttan. The half-orc held on to the package, because the strange little red-robed man in the sky made some errors in judgement and execution and needed to set things right.

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