5th Edition Spelljammer – Favors of the Arcane, Session 4

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Two weeks into their two months journey to Patria, where they expected to find the discworld of Eorôe, the crew of Boccob’s Barge discovered a lonely chest floating in the Phlogiston. After hauling it in, Zinniana checked it for traps, but failed to unlock it. A couple of whacks with weapons from Veya and Sumner did the trick.

Inside the chest, was another chest. It was neither trapped, nor locked, so they opened it.

Another chest.

And another.

Straxius snatched up the smallest chest and shook it to see if there was anything loose within. A pseudopod extended from the chest and attacked, as did the other two chests. Mimics!

The chesty impersonators were a small challenge to the crew of Boccob’s Barge and after searching through the remains to find some gold and diamond dust; they tossed them back into the flow and went on their way.

EorôeThe remainder of the voyage to Patria passed uneventfully. The wildspace within was sparsely populated. A quick fly-by of the Eorôe revealed a vast ocean separating continents from a snowy landmass encircling the world. They set down in the water and sailed into one of the seaside villages. The natives were crow-like avians, Black Ones, curious and friendly. They told Straxius of the giants with whom they had a tepid relationship. Thought they weren’t friends exactly, the giants traded with the White Ones.

The White Ones had an encampment at the edge of the village. They were much like the Black One, save for the color of their feathers. They offered to let the crew of Boccob’s Barge travel with them to across the tundra to the Edge, where they could trade with the giants. The three week journey to the Edge didn’t appeal to the crew of Boccob’s Barge, however, so they offered the use of their ship to speed the caravan’s way.

After loading the sleds onto the ship, they flew across the tundra.  As the natives described, the giants were indeed at the Edge; the literal edge of the world. They lined up as far as the eye could see in either direction and appeared to be guarding Eorôe from an unseen threat.

Straxius ordered Boccob’s Barge to hover at eye level with the giants. They were wary at first, but when they saw the natives on board, they relaxed enough to approach the ship and hold onto to it for parley. They needed nothing from the crew of the ship and offered up one of the man-sized ice crystals in exchange for a promise: the crew of Boccob’s Barge would aid them when they needed to defend the world.kenku

The giant’s terms were agreed to, and after the natives exchanged their furs with the giants, they headed back to the village. Before leaving, they traded knowledge of brewing beer and ale, and money for furs and scrimshaw carvings. Then, Boccob’s Barge headed back to Wildspace, their cargo for the arcane well insulated in the hold.

Halfway back to the rock of Bral, they spotted a monolithic shape in their path. A Dwarven Citadel loomed ahead. Seeing no signs of activity, Boccob’s Barge approached…

I had a great subplot all ready where the PCs would travel with the caravan to the edge of the world and get involved in a missing persons case and all that with a cool Dwarven Forge set-up… then they flew their ship to the edge of the world.

That’s what I get for planning a session hastily while suffering from post-con fatigue. In retrospect, of course they’d fly the ship and hover at the edge. Why wouldn’t they? Stupid GM!

Oh well, these things happen. I can always re-use the Dwarven Forge set-up!

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2 thoughts on “5th Edition Spelljammer – Favors of the Arcane, Session 4

  1. Straxius

    Chesty impersonators? I don’t remember any drag queens in this adventure!!

    • “Drag Queen” is their preferred form to mimic. They just thought they’d get a better reaction if they impersonated treasure chests. Then someone had to go and shake the little one…

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