#RPGaDay2015 – Favorite Revolutionary Game Mechanic

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This question is better answered by someone who dives deep into rules minutiae and loves it there. I don’t. Rules discussions bore me to tears, though I understand the need for games to have rules and have those rules be well-tested. I’m sure whatever I answer here, there will be someone who can explain at length why it’s not revolutionary and why I’m wrong and should feel bad.

BUT, I’m going to go ahead anyway. Damn the torpedoes!

I remember the days when the only way a PC could affect the game world was with a successful attack or skill check. Then came the Brownie Point (and by extension things like Hero Points, Fate Points, Force Points). By whatever name you call it, it was a limited reserve of points the characters could spend to do something extra, be it give themselves a bonus, reroll a failed attempt, or even “break” the rules in some way. Brownie Points, from the West End Games Ghostbusters RPG, by the way, were my first exposure to this concept.

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