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Oooh, here’s another one that’s just asking for it. If I pick a favorite, will someone say the ENnie Awards is showing bias if they happen to win in the future? Possibly. I don’t actually listen to many RPG podcasts because I find if I’m not actually playing the game they’re talking about, then the podcast doesn’t hold much interest for me. Which is why I tend to favor podcasts that have a general topic (like RPG news or generalized gaming advice). Also, I know several of the podcasters personally, and picking one doesn’t seem right. So, what I listen to, in alphabetical order:

Atomic Array (which hasn’t actually updated in well over a year, but I still have a subscription)
Fear the Boot (I’ve been publishing in their speculative fiction anthologies, too!)
Flagons & Dragons (it has gone away; they put out the ONLY Actual Play podcast I could listen to for any length of time)
Haste (the official Obsidian Portal Podcast, which I believe is going away, but I still have a subscription)
Underdiscussion, the Undergopher Podcast (they’re huge supporters of my novels)

The rest of the podcast I listen to actually have nothing to do with RPGs or tabletop gaming.

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