Dawn of Rebellion – A Star Wars Age of Rebellion game, session 2

SW Age of Rebellion logoWe pick up right where we left off, i.e. Athena’s Jewel just made the jump into hyperspace, fleeing Telos toward Alderaan...

Doc Cousteau’s hyperspace calculations were on the money and after a few weeks of travel to the core system, the ship dropped out of hyperspace in the Alderaan system. Greeted by the serene beauty of the “Shining Star of the Core Worlds,” they followed the coordinates provided by Dirk Thanos to the island city of Belleau-a-Lir. Athena’s Jewel was granted permission to land and when they disembarked, they found a comfortable transport waiting for them.

The transport took them through the city center to the Panteer compound, a luxury high-rise surrounded by parkland. Silar Panteer was there to meet them. He explained that Dirk had sent ahead word of their visit. He showed them the apartment suites each was provided and explained the amenities to which they had access. Silar expected Dirk to arrive in a few days. Marcus offered the crate of Blossom Wine they took from the Dalton Exchange to Silar, but due to a miscommunication, it was accepted as a gift, rather than a trade for equipment. While they waited, Daesha and Doc worked on changing the transponders on Athena’s Jewel, rechristening the ship Desperate Measures.

After a few days of rest and relaxation, Dirk Thanos arrived. He immediately called them into a conference room and formally extended an offer for them to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic. After accepting, the group was assigned with their ship to the Rebel Base on Mirial. It was quite a distance away, however, so en route, they were to stop at the Nebula Star Resort & Casino in Mandelorian space and meet with Commander Grell “Fancy” Fagun. He had a special job for a team of operatives with a ship.

Located in the Gargon system, the Nebula Star Resort & Casino was technically neutral territory, so Dirk did not expect them to run into any Imperial entanglements, though they might encounter Imperials on leave.

Episode II – Mission to Ithor

The fledgling Rebellion struggles to establish bases and supply lines as it is continually hounded by the forces of the Empire. Citizens flock to rebel bases across the galaxy in the hopes of lending their skills to the war effort.


The influx of refugees and would-be freedom fighters to the rebel base on Mirial creates a shortage of bacta. The base leaders turn to a new team of rebel allies to travel to Ithor and procure the life-saving substance from a friendly supplier.


Despite the Imperialization of many corporations, there are sentients in the employee of these companies willing to help the Rebellion forces. They do so in secret and at great risk to themselves….


Travel to the Nebula Star was without incident. Desperate Measures was allowed to dock and they were welcomed to the casino. Once they made contact with Grell Fagun, a little verbal song-and-dance verified their identities and he invited them to join him in the Starlight Casino up on level two. The casino was currently swarmed with Devanorians on shore leave, and was an ideal place for a clandestine meeting due to the volume of their carousing.

Grell “Fancy” Fagun wore gold-trimmed emerald silk clothes and greeted them like old friends. Once a round of drinks was delivered, he dropped the charade and got down to business. The Rebel Base to which they were assigned on Mirial was struggling with an influx of refugees and would-be freedom fighters and, like most Rebellion outposts, was running out of bacta. Since they trading and sale of bacta was strictly controlled by the Empire, the Rebellion was forced to procure it via extra-legal means. Fortunately, such a supplier, Chodo Both, an Ithorian was willing to supply them with bacta. All our heroes had to do was travel to Ithor, dock with the herdship Mother Ithor, trade credits for the bacta, and take it to Mirial. In theory, a blue milk run.

Naturally, complications arose immediately when an Imperial Star Destroyer arrived at the Nebula Star to partake of its recreational offerings. Our heroes beat a hasty retreat, heading back to their ship, splitting up to minimize the chances they’d be recognized as a group. Unfortunately, a bounty hunter and two Klatooinian thugs awaited them. Maxton Dalton had issued a bounty for the slicer who failed to cover up the theft of Athena’s Jewel, and he was there to collect.

Marcus tried to reason with the bounty hunter, but very few can cause a hunter to back down from his or her game and the docking bay erupted in blaster fire. Despite delivering a serious wound to Lisska Sish, the group made short work of the bounty hunter and his hired goons. Doc took the unconscious hunter’s helmet, revealing him as a Zabrak, as everyone else removed his weapons. The hunter’s guild ID identified him as Etho Dōk.

They left before any alarms sounded from their brief firefight and jumped to Ithor. The flight was long enough to heal Lisska’s wounds, and the friendly Ithorians allowed them to dock with Mother Ithor to meet with Chodo Both. After a two kilometer hike through they herdship’s Great Atrium, they met up with Chodo as he tended his garden. He acknowledged the terms of the bacta trade, but refused payment, instead asking that the plant the seeds of the joruba plant on Alderaan, spreading life as payment for his gift of medicine.

During the negotiations, the ISD Stormhammer arrived to inspect Mother Ithor. Among the inspection troops boarding Mother Ithor, our heroes recognized an old friend from Telos, Jan Caffree, now dressed in an Imperial uniform. Rather than confront her, they choose to flee through maintenance shafts and return to the hanger where their ship was docked. Chodo arranged to have the bacta transferred through the same route while Daesha worked on slicing into the Imperial network to grant their ship clearance to depart. Her efforts were rewarded with great success and to the surprise of the Imperial controllers, Desperate Measures had clearance to depart Mother Ithor in direct contradiction to the Imperial No-Fly Edict.

They made their way to Mirial, where the arrival of the bacta was welcomed with much rejoicing. They took the opportunity to discuss equipment requisitions with the base Quartermaster and the base commander, Major Girov Vri’bek, a male Bothan welcomed them to the Rebellion and gave them their first official mission as members of the Mirial Outpost: check on the Alliance listening post in the neighboring Listehol system and determine why communications have been lost. He ordered a supply of repair parts and diagnostic equipment to be loaded on to their ship for on-site repairs.

As they prepared to depart, the base erupted in chaos. News poured in from across the galaxy: Alderaan was gone–destroyed, by the Empire.

… thus bringing Dawn of Rebellion officially into the timeline of Episode IV: A New Hope. I’m really enjoying how easy this game is to prep for. Of course, since I know fights aren’t going to take up 50% – 75% of a session, I have to have a lot more plot prepared. That’s quite all right, of course, everything is proceeding as I have forseen.

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