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It wasn’t always free, but with the blessing of the license holder, Star Frontiers is free these days (you can also get a remastered version that has a more modern layout). Star Frontiers was an early space opera RPG from TSR. Many of the species later showed up in Alternity and in Spelljammer supplements, but as far as I know, Vrusk, Yazirians, and Dralasites first appeared in Star Frontiers. I managed to play it one time in the ’80s before the friend who owned it moved away and it captured my imagination. I didn’t see it again until nearly twenty years later when I discovered the Star Frontiersman website and the free remastered version. Anyone familiar with my Zack Jackson series will see my homage to Star Frontiers in both the Valtraxians (inspired by Vrusk) and the Ryll (inspired by both the Dralasites and the Elcor from Mass Effect).

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