Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.’s Marmoreal Tomb Campaign – Kickstarter

I believe in supporting independent creators when I can, and am especially a fan of supporting friends and acquaintances with their projects. GP Adventures has launched one for Ernest Gygax’s (Ernie) opening adventure for his long-running Hobby Shop Dungeon campaign. I have not yet had the privilege in playing in one of the Hobby Shop Dungeon games, but I know they are very well regarded, and I know Ernie to be a well-spoken, friendly man passionate about the game his father created*.

If you’re a fan of Old School D&D, or even if you’re not, I invite you to navigate over to Kickstarter and have a look. The project has already funded and they’re working on stretch goals. I’ve seen posts showing off their work on this project over the last couple of years, so I can assure you that this isn’t a Kickstarter that will languish in perpetuity while a game is written, designed, and playtested; much of that work is already done. From the goals listed on the page, it seems set to debut at Gary Con next year and I will be in attendance waiting for it!

Point your twitter at @GP_Adventures to follow along and look for the Hobby Shop Dungeon Facebook group!

* Interesting trivia: Many moons ago, I was at the Bristol Renaissance Fair and decided to pay a visit to the gaming store in Lake Geneva owned by Margaret Weis. I purchased my first issue of Knights of the Dinner Table there (issue 10, I think). It was Ernie Gygax who rang up that sale. Blew. My. Mind. 

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