#RPGaDay2015 – Favorite New Game of the Last 12 Months

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I might be a little off on the publication date, so forgive me if I am. My favorite new game of the last year is Atomic Robo. I’d always been intrigued with the Fate RPG rules, but never really understood them. I played once at Gen Con, and it was fun, but four hours wasn’t enough for me to get it and just reading the books I had wasn’t helping. Atomic Robo helped. With illustrations of rules and situations provided from the pages of the comic itself, I finally began to understand how the game worked. Plus the Atomic Robo setting is just loads of fun.

Atomic Robo is Action Science. If you’ve seen any of the Indiana Jones movies (or The Mummy with Brendan Fraser or King Soloman’s Mines with Richard Chamberlain), you’re familiar with the pulp-roots of Action Archaeology. Action Science is similar, expect you deal with Physics and Chemistry and the other “hard” sciences. Atomic Robo himself is an atomic-powered sapient robot built by Nikola Tesla in the ’30s, now running Tesladyne in the modern day and saving the world from the likes of Dr. Dinosaur and the ghost of Thomas Edison.

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