Dawn of Rebellion – A Star Wars Age of Rebellion game, session 1

SW Age of Rebellion logoAt our last game session, we kicked off a new campaign, Dawn of Rebellion! This campaign is set in the Star Wars universe, shortly before the events of Episode IV: A New Hope and uses Fantasy Flight Game’s Star Wars Role Playing Game system (specifically, Age of Rebellion). As before, you can keep up with the campaign over at Obsidian Portal, but that will only have session synopses; post-game analysis will only be posted here.

To kick things off in an appropriate manner, I put together this:

It is a period of civil war. A group of freedom fighters known as the Alliance to Restore the Republic struggles against the iron fist of the Empire.

On the Outer Rim planet of Telos, in the capitol city of Thani, a covert rebel cell works tirelessly in an attempt to break Imperial codes.

Unbeknownst to the innocent citizens of Telos, the Empire is about to exact swift retribution upon the rebels of the city, and every citizen will have to make a choice….

Let’s meet the characters!

Doc Cousteau, a Mon Calamari (soldier) Medic
Lisska Sish, a Trandoshan (soldier) Commando
Daesha Freykaa, a Twi’lek (spy) Slicer.
Ren Meljyne, a Sullustan (ace) Pilot.
Marcus Horne, a Human (commander) Squadron Leader.

Picture it, Thani, capitol of Telos, midweek, midday… Doc Cousteau, Lisska Sish, Ren Meljyne, and Marcus Horne are enjoying their weekly lunch together in the Bizz Buzz Café. Employeed by the Dalton Exchange, they all meet regularly to swap gossip and network. As they were awaiting their order, two friends of their, Jan and Beth Caffree entered the cafe and took a nearby seat. The sisters were embroiled in an heated argument that seemed to be about clandestine activities and loyalty to the Empire. Jan stormed out and Beth apologized for her sister’s rude behavior.

As they were finishing lunch, the ground trembled. Lances of fire rained down from the sky toward the outskirts of town; an orbital bombardment. TIE Fighters screamed overhead and Imperial dropships set down in the plazas and parks, disgorging white-armored stormtroopers. The lunch buddies made their way through the streets back to their office. Beth called to them from a nearby alley. Her sister was across the street speaking to an Imperial Office, while she clutched her side in pain. It appeared as though she’d been shot. She passed a data stick to Ren Meljyne, telling him to take it to Dirk Thanos at the Commerce Guild Office.

Beth ran off, distracting the stormtroopers with some blaster fire and leaving the lunch crew with the data stick. They continued to the Dalton Exchange offices where they retrieved some personal belongings from their lockers. Already, Thani was on lockdown, with Civil Defense advising people to stay off the streets and cooperate with Imperial forces. Meanwhile, holocam footage of Imperial Forces was playing showing them rounding up dissidents.

Fortunately, the Commerce Guild office was but a few blocks away and all of the large office towers were interconnected with maintenance tunnels. Imperial activity seemed concentrated to the west, so they correctly surmised that the maintenance tunnels would be relatively empty while their co-workers were glued to the news reports. Despite some locked maintenance doors, they were able to reach the Commerce Guild office.

Convincing Dirk Thanos to meet with them was relatively easy once they named-dropped Beth Caffree. Once he was satisfied that they were relatively trustworthy, he confided that the datastick contained sensitive information vital to the Rebel Alliance and if they were associates of Beth, sooner or later, the Empire was going to come looking for them. They decided to throw in with Dirk and the Rebels. He asked them for a big favor, their first act of open rebellion: collect a team of slicers from a warehouse on the edge of the city and get them off-world.

They agreed.

While they geared up, they discussed plans. The Imperials had Thani spaceport locked down, but it was known that the Dalton Exchange building had private docking bays used by Mr. Dalton and that he was a collector of antique vehicles, at least one of which was a space-worthy reproduction of a light corvette from the Great Galactic War. It was surely under lock and key, but the new rebels hoped at least one of the slicers would be able to help with that.

Using a Commerce Guild hovertruck, they located the warehouse and met up with the slicers, using the passphrase provided by Dirk Thanos. They got the slicers loaded up just in time as an AT-ST rounded the corner. The Imperials commanded them to stop for inspection and the chase was on! Evading the AT-ST’s fire, blasting through two checkpoints, and jamming the Imperials’ transmissions with the truck’s meager transmitter, the rebels finally lost their pursuers in mid-day traffic on the highway. They ditched their vehicle in the Dalton Exchange garage and used the maintenance equipment to move the slicers’ gear up to docking level of the Dalton Exchange building. A protocol droid started questioning them and demanded they leave only to catch a face full of blaster fire from one of the slicers. They went to work slicing into the security systems.

Athena's Jewel

Athena’s Jewel

Athena’s Jewel awaited them, fueled and ready to go. While one of the slicers, a twi’lek named Daesha Freykaa, created a distraction by slicing into the city’s emergency broadcast systems and setting off all the alarms at the spaceport, Marcus, Doc, Ren, and Lisska loaded a couple of speeder bikes and crates of valuables into the ship’s cargo hold. With the Imperials’ attention fixed on the spaceport’s false alarms, they were able to haul jets and head towards orbit before the Imps spotted them. The jig was up by the time they reached orbit, but more TIE Fighters had to be scrambled from the Star Destroyers in orbit and they were well on their way to the hyperspace jump point by the time the Imperial ships launched. Daesha attempted to slice the Dalton Exchange records to cover up their theft, but met with much less success than she did slicing the city’s network and Athena’s Jewel jumped to hyperspace, bound for an Alliance safehouse on Alderaan….

Not bad for a first session. It took a bit for us to get back into the swing of the system, but eventually it started flowing smoothly like it was when we were playing Beyond the Rim and The Jewel of Yavin. The decision to make Athena’s Jewel a reproduction antique Defender-class ship was based in two things: the LEGO version was cheaper than that of the Consular-class Republic Cruiser, and I really like that ship. Now, before you get excited about them going to Alderaan in a Rebellion-era game, just be aware I’ve set this game shortly before A New Hope, so Alderaan still exists… for now.

Now to find a twi’lek miniature that looks like neither a stripper nor a Jedi…

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