D&D 30-Day Challenge – Day 28

D&D 30 Day Challenge

Day 28 – PCs you have sworn off playing

There aren’t any. I’ve never created a character that suffered so badly that he or she’s been ruined forever for me. There’s a general type of character I don’t think I’m particularly good at playing, though, and I would reluctant to try again, though I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ve sworn off playing them: diplomats. I’m not good at thinking quickly on my feet and improvising plausible, persuasive dialog. I played a diplomat character (Baniss Mulk) in the last Star Wars game I played in and I was horrible at it. I much preferred my cocky pilot (Kelko Gen; sadly, he died when we tried to be heroes instead of self-serving mercenaries and the dice turned against us).

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