D&D 30-Day Challenge – Day 21

D&D 30 Day ChallengeDay 21 – Favorite Dragon (Color/Type/etc.)

Silver dragons.

That was easy. They’re intelligent, powerful, and not your typical helpless-peasant-munching-greedy evil antagonist. Plus, as a precious metal, I prefer silvery metals to gold (actually, I like copper better than silver or gold, but I like Silver Dragons better than Copper Dragons).


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One thought on “D&D 30-Day Challenge – Day 21

  1. To answer in advance, the best Monster is always the Goblin for me. Perhaps it’s when I heard the flavour text for Goblin cards in MTG, but I always love the fact that Goblins can be made in such variety of ways depending on the GM. I love the fact that Goblins are so… wacky but serious in their own way. In addition, I love seeing the heads of a Goblin roll down hills when played D&D 5E. Man, good times.

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