D&D 30-Day Challenge – Day 13

D&D 30 Day Challenge

Day 13 – Favorite Trap/Puzzle

The Pits of Everfall from I4: Oasis of the White Palm. They’re large, vertical shafts in a forgotten tomb (remember yesterday’s post?), that have an arcane field at the bottom that teleports anyone in it to the top of the shaft. In this fashion, objects that fall into the shaft continually fall until something stops them. Two corridors lead to the shafts, directly above one another, so clever PCs will have to figure out how to climb up or down to next level while avoiding what’s currently falling in the shaft. One features a mummy! The note to the GM in that adventure is seared in my brain… something about it both amused and stuck with me over the years… “Woe to the unlucky adventurer who is hit by a flying mummy!”

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