D&D 30-Day Challenge – Day 4

D&D 30 Day Challenge

Day 4 – Favorite Game World

My first: Greyhawk. It was the fantasy campaign setting I grew up on (because Mystara/Known World wasn’t really codified when I started playing), and the one I keep going back to when I need a taste of that old school inspiration. It’s detailed enough that I don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring things out on my own, yet has enough left undetailed that I can put my own signature on it when I need to.

Besides, it’d be cheating for me to name the World of Calliome (from my novels).

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One thought on “D&D 30-Day Challenge – Day 4

  1. bruxistential

    Mine too. The Circle of Eight instills me with childlike wonder.

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