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Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Sessions 7 – 8

This adventure log will contain spoilers for the D&D 5th edition Tyranny of Dragons adventure, Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Ye’ve been warned!

Work in my Real Life™ got busy and I didn’t have the energy to update this. Now you get a mega-update with two sessions in one! Since the details of the last two D&D sessions are lost in the morass of fog that is the labyrinth of my memories, this will be more like a highlight reel. It doesn’t help that the last two sessions we played weren’t D&D at all; we play tested a couple of Fate Accelerated adventures I was working on for Gary Con.

When we last left our heroes, they were prepared to depart with the trade caravan heading from Baldur’s Gate to Waterdeep. Their cover as ale merchants was established and well-planned. En route, a wild red dragon swarm appeared and wiped them all out, turning the caravan to ash. Ash and tears. And blood. Ash, tears, and blood.

Except that didn’t happen!

What happened was, they learned one of the other members of the caravan was a stuck-up aristocrat who beat his animals. They rescued another traveler from a band of hobgoblin raiders. This grateful traveler joined the caravan. They encountered a field of weirdly fast-growing fungus and later heard horrible singing in the distance* which they chose not to investigate. Several more uneventful days followed, then the cultist’s wagon overturned on a rock, spilling ill-gotten booty. Our heroes helped right the wagon and pretended not to notice the purloined treasure. After a few more days, they were attacked by perytons as they passed near some mountains. Fortunately, they worked together with some of the more helpful caravaners and killed the beasts. The same afternoon, they spotted a marvelous sight: a golden stag leading a herd of deer. Our heroes realized what a portent it was and prevented the caravan hunters from killing the creature.

Eventually, they got a respite from the weeks of camping out under open skies: they arrived at a roadside inn. Oddly, despite the presence of only a handful of other people, the innkeeper claimed the inn was full. What appeared to be a noble with his entourage hurled abuse and insults, almost daring the Rockbottom Brewery crew to attack him. The situation deteriorated and a fight broke out. The noble and his men were not simply drunken fops, they were in fact a group of bored assassins looking to commit murder for fun. Kagark and Tom Haverford** from the caravan joined in the battle. Kagark was determined not to let harm come to Veya. After a hard-fought battle, the innkeeper lay dead along with the assassins. There was much rejoicing.

The encounter with the assassin was widely rumored to be one of the TPK-traps in Hoard of the Dragon Queen. I can certainly see where it got that reputation. The fact that I threw two NPCs into the fight on the side of the PCs really didn’t affect the outcome, nor did my tweak to the assassins to make that slightly less-deadly (I changed the poison on their weapons to work only on the first attack, rather than every attack; since they never hit with any subsequent attacks after their first hit, it never came up). The fact is, my players came up with an effective strategy for battling the assassins, I rolled fairly poorly on average (a switch from the previous session where I seemed to be critting on every other attack), and they earned their victory.

After Gary Con, Hoard of the Dragon Queen will resume. I really needed the break from D&D to test my Fate Accelerated adventures. Pacing FAE game is WAY different than D&D and I would have had all four games run way short if I hadn’t spent March’s game days testing.

* I was going to throw in the classic Dungeon adventure: “Old Man Katan and the Incredible, Edible, Dancing Mushroom Band”, but they didn’t take the bait. Oh well! Maybe I’ll run it at Gary Con next year.

** A halfling whose name came from a random name generator for halflings. I can only assume the programmer is a fan of Parks & Recreation, because one of my players pointed out that Tom Haverford is a character in that show… which I was unaware of.

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