Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Session 5

This adventure log will contain spoilers for the D&D 5th edition Tyranny of Dragons adventure, Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Ye’ve been warned!

At the last minute, our heroes decided to not jump blinding into the hole from which they heard the alarmed shouts. Instead, they called back to them, attempting to bluff those below. Unfortunately, Tobin chose to use magic to mimic the voice of the half-dragon, who answered back and raised the alarm!

They retracted the rope ladder and covered the hole with Mondath’s table, then as much furniture and debris as they could quickly find. The Heroes of Greenest then retreated back to the entry chamber and set up an ambush for the forces of the Dragon Queen, using the fungus-filled corridor as a choke point.

A drake led the charge, followed by waves of kobolds. The presence of the half-dragon was felt, but as they battled through the kobolds, he stayed hidden. Two human fanatics* charged through the ranks of the kobolds, and though they gave the heroes some trouble, they too, were dealt with.

The heroes pressed their advantage and found the half-dragon issuing orders from the back, attending by winged kobolds.

I had to switch from Dwarven Forge due to the complexity of the layout. The myconids are stand-ins for the field of fungus in that corridor.

I had to switch from Dwarven Forge due to the complexity of the layout. The myconids are stand-ins for the field of fungus in that corridor.

After a brief moment of panic when they realized they were set up perfectly to be decimated by one blast by the half-dragons deadly breath, they charged into the fray. (You can see the PCs all lined up in the center of the picture there… I don’t mind telling you, had they not realized what they’d done, they would have when that half-dragon emerged and breath-weaponed them all; I was planning on it). It was a challenging fight, and Broken Sky was grievously wounded, but in the end, the Heroes of Greenest prevailed. They took a brief respite to bind their wounds and plan their next move.

Their next move was to continue exploring the cave complex. They returned to Mondath’s chamber, uncovered the hole and descended. Zinniana scouted the room ahead. It appeared to be some sort of temple dedicated to Tiamat. The walls were carved to depict various types of dragons, and beneath a carving of the dragon queen herself, there was a small chest.

The rest of the party kept a safe distance as Zinniana inspected the chest and discovered a series of traps. She disarmed them and unlocked the chest, revealing a handful of baubles. Further investigation lead to another chamber. This cave was essentially a ledge overlooking a sunken area. Two drakes spit and hissed at the party as they approached the edge, and they saw what the drakes were guarding: dragon eggs!

Broken Sky counseled that they stay on the ledge and let the drakes come to them as they peppered them from afar with magic and missile weapons. The drakes were well-trained, however, and remained near the eggs. Broken Sky saw this as an opportunity to keep a safe distance and kill them from afar. As Flint and Veya maneuvered, though, hidden kobolds attacked with glue and fire bombs. The monk made short work of them and the dwarf and barbarian moved down the ramp towards the drakes, despite Broken Sky’s protests.

The monk felt obligated to protect his companions and charged into the fray with the draks where he found a nasty surprise. Near the eggs, one of the stalagmites was, in fact, alive! A roper caught the monk up in his tendrils and tried to make a meal of him. The ensuing battle with the draks was hard fought. Many were brought to the brink of death more than once. In the end, however, the Heroes of Greenest once more prevailed. Tobin took a moment to examine the dragon eggs, and seeing they were black dragon eggs, smashed them, exposing the infant dragons within to a harsh world they were ill-equipped to survive.

Bloody but victorious, the Heroes of Greenest retreated from the caves, leaving several chambers unexplored. They headed northwest, toward their rendezvous with Master Leosin in Elturel….

So, the session was mostly a series of fights since the group basically alerted the entire cave complex to their presence (only by way of trying to trick an NPC by mimicking his voice to him). Instead of stealthing through the caves, taking the rooms one at a time and trying to minimize their presence, they ended up fighting pretty much all the remaining kobolds and cultists at once, except for those who stay to guard the eggs. It could easily have been a TPK, but they used the terrain to their advantage and created a choke point in the fungus-filled area. The roper was, by far, the toughest fight even though I held back for 2-3 rounds trying to get them to talk to it, I finally gave in and had it try to eat them (that’s when their dice FINALLY started playing nice).

For some reason, my dice HATED the monk, Broken Sky. I regularly rolled 18s, 19s, and 20s on him and by contrast, I had a tough time hitting the dwarf (I rolled a lot of 1-5s on him). I really felt bad because it made me look like I was beating up on the monk for playing his character’s background whenever he charged in to protect the rest of the party. It also annoyed me a bit that I was unable to disrupt the dwarf’s flaming sphere which proved to be a great boon to them during the big fight at the beginning of the session.

Still, they prevailed, no matter how close they came to death. Of course, this part of the adventure is really stingy with treasure, and I felt like they needed something, so I gave them all Inspiration to use in the next session.

* Yes, these were berserkers and yes, there were Clerks references, hence the video link.

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