Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Session 3

This adventure log will contain spoilers for the D&D 5th edition Tyranny of Dragons adventure, Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Ye’ve been warned!

After policing the bodies and taking stock of their situation, our heroes tie up and wakened the lone surviving cultist. Tobin used an enchantment to gain the cultist’s trust and questioned him. They learned there was a rearguard watching the trail and the camp was set up in a box canyon. The cultist begged for his life, promising to flee to Baldur’s Gate if he was released, but Broken Sky broke the man’s neck, ensure no betrayal would occur.

It was mid-day by the time they set off after the rear guard. Our heroes caught up to them as they were laying in wait in an area where two overhangs surrounded the trail made by the main group of raiders. Broken Sky sneaked through the underbrush to discover groups on both sides of the trail were alert and had riders ready to send to the main camp. When he returned to the group, they discussed the situation and decided to bypass the ambush by swinging around them overland.

A wooden guard tower had been erected at the mouth of the box canyon where the raiders’ camp was located. Another tower was on one of the nearby ledges in the canyon. The guards, obviously not expecting trouble, waved our heroes past after a cursory inspection. Various groups of cultists wearing robes of red, blue, and black were mingling with hunters, mercenaries, and kobolds and all were celebrating the looting of Greenest.

Our heroes spent the evening mingling with the cultists, trying to learn the layout of the camp and their plans. They learned one of the caves in the box canyon was being used as a nursery of sorts, though for what, no one would or could say. They also learned not all of the so-called cultists were as fervently dedicated as others and there was dissension amongst the different factions. They located the prisoners and Master Leosin, and despite the elder monk’s protests that we was too weak and injured to be worth rescuing, worked out a plan.

They utilized Zinniana’s stealthy and skills at trickery to arrange a distraction near the cave they thought most likely was the nursery while the others set a fire to one of the many tents on the opposite side of the camp from the prisoners. When the camp responded to the twin threats, our heroes would make their move and turn loose the prisoners and lead them out of the camp.

The plan worked well enough and they got away with information, the prisoners, and the bit of treasure they’d take back from the kobolds with the scouting party. Greenest, of course, was overjoyed to see their citizens returned. After a day of recover, Master Leosin was well-enough to share what he learned about the camp and the cultists. He bade them to return to the camp; something big was going to happen and they needed to know what and when it would occur. So, our heroes prepared themselves to return to the lion’s den once more….

Not much to say about this session. They got a lot of information on the various cult and there were no real combats to note (just one quick altercation with a lone cultist they rendered unconscious). It was intended to be strictly an information-gathering mission, anyway. There was a lot of creativity and once again, I wasn’t with it enough to see opportunities to hand out Inspiration as well as I should have been. That’s something I, as the GM, need to work on.

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