Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – Beyond the Rim, part 4

This adventure synopsis is written from the perspective of my Edge of the Empire character, Kelko Gen, a Rodian explorer. It contains spoilers for Fantasy Flight Game’s adventure Beyond the Rim.

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I gotta keep this one short. The nexu could get smart and start up those stairs at any minute. We’re really stuck between the asteroid and the space worm now. The former Captain of the Sa Nalaor? Turns out he went a little crazy after crashing here. Still lives here, in this compound with the surviving crew. They brought us here after capturing us with those other rodians. We managed to get the humans back on their feet, but now that other droid, the one who won’t tell me his designation, only his “name,” is deactivated. The rodians were awfully eager to have Captain Cuckoo Crazypants feed us to his nexu. but fortunately, we were able to convince him not to kill us just yet by dropping the name of his son’s company. It would have been nice for our employer to tell us the family ties his employers have to this wreck and its Captain. Yeah, that would have been very valuable information, indeed.

Turns out, not everyone in Captian Nutso’s camp is as enamored of hiding out in this jungle as he is and we found out the lady responsible for the cybernetic monstrosities we’ve been fighting was part of the crew and really does not want the Empire to find her. I can sympathize, and we offered to take her out of here when we leave, if she’ll help us leave.

Just when it looks like we’ve got a good escape plan in our back pockets and Captain Insano McCrazy might not kill us on a whim, the blasted Imperials show up. I’d wager ten credits to my left gonad they followed those other rodians from The Wheel. Fortunately, their arrival caused mass chaos and we were able to retrieve our gear in the confusion. Unfortunately, the cyber-doctor lady decided they were coming for her and let loose her nexu, screaming how no one was going to take her alive. Braddock and I headed for the makeshift shuttle bay to see if we could get the shuttle working, despite the camp mechanic’s insistence it was totally junked. Everyone else here is either crazy or lying to us, so I figure she might be half-cracked, too.

The shuttle was junk. Just a shell. It figures SHE’D be telling the truth. Azira and Maximo made it up here to the shuttle bay while we were looking things over and it looks like the survivors and the Imperials are wiping each other out, with help from the nexu. Maybe we’ll catch a lucky break and they’ll kill each other off so we can take all the salvage I can fit in my ship and we can blast off of his hellhole.

I just know I’m going to see nexu comin’ for me whenever I close my eyes now. Oh-whoa here she comes...she's a man eater!

This was a really rough session for us. None of us are really built for social situations; had I a better understanding of the rules when we made our characters, we probably would have built more well-rounded characters. Specialization is not something to be done lightly in this system, even if all the characters are specialized in different areas, not unless you have enough players to specialize in EVERYTHING and we have two players who specialized in combat. Oh well, we didn’t die, so it’s not a complete loss, but just about everything we tried either failed or barely succeeded with heavy disadvantages.

Maybe playing this game will break the group of the habit of building characters that seem expressly designed to survive in a D&D-esque world. When all you’ve played for years is D&D/Pathfinder, it’s a difficult paradigm to move past. Old habits die hard; everyone knows if you make a bunch of social characters for a dungeon crawl, you usually die horrible deaths. We had no idea what types of adventures FFG was going to throw at us with their new Star Wars game, and I’m really pleased to see that social skills actually matter. I have dozens of D&D and Pathfinder adventures sitting on my shelves that are mostly combat, combat, combat, with a few, non-critical, optional social encounters. Seeing that Beyond the Rim contains heavy elements where role-playing and skills that don’t involve shoving a blaster in someone’s face really matter is refreshing.

The original plan was to wrap this adventure up by the next session (this coming Friday). Our progress was so slow for this session (due to our bad luck; we literally had ZERO Light Side force points in the Destiny Pool when we started this session), wrapping up Beyond the Rim might take two more sessions, taking us through June. We still need to decide what to play after this. There’s been a lot of news about the next edition of D&D since we started Edge of the Empire, much of which has not been as off-putting to me as I expected. Mostly the news about Basic D&D being free, so with the Starter Set and the Basic D&D PDF, I won’t need anything else to try out the system (in fact, I don’t even need the Starter Set, just the Basic D&D PDF). I’m not sure I’m ready to hope back on the D&D treadmill, though, so it’s at the bottom of my list. Besides, I made some promises about a Fate game with Nazi-controlled cybernetic gorilla assassins.

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