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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – Beyond the Rim, part 3

This adventure synopsis is written from the perspective of my Edge of the Empire character, Kelko Gen, a Rodian explorer. It contains spoilers for Fantasy Flight Game’s adventure “Beyond the Rim.”

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Sometime between our night in the escape pod mired in the swamp and moving the Banshee to the next major site of crash debris, Maximo caught some sort of bug. I’ll bet he drank some of the swamp water and got himself some nice parasites. Goldbricker. We activated the other droid and dragged him out with us. Although…I don’t actually remember giving the order to activate him. If that droid can activate himself, I may have to give more thought to putting restraining bolts on him. You can put more than one on a droid, right?

The wreckage we found appeared to be the entire drive section of a Banking Clan frigate. Braddock and I decided to scout it out while Azira stayed behind with the two droids. We managed to climb up on top of the wreck, and naturally, I found the weak spot in the hull and we fell into the ship. Landing in rushing water, we were whisked away by the current. I almost managed to drown, but was able to save myself just as I wished I had been born with gills instead of lungs. Fortunately, I was near enough to Braddock that he was able to help me out of the water. We found a safe way for Azira and the droids to join us, and began exploring the wreck while Other Human goldbricked and puked his guts out on the ship. I told him any mess he made was his responsibility to clean up. Maybe I should have locked him in the airlock while we were exploring. Cleaning messy out of airlocks is easy; you just vent them to space once you’re underway.

After a bit of exploration, we confirmed the ship we were on was the Sa Nalaor. Huzzah for us; at least we were in the right place. We also found the front half of the ship and headed there. I chose a safe landing spot rather than the more sheltered spot near the wreckage, because I was still shaky from nearly being drowned. Besides, who would be looking for us way out in the far reaches of the Outer Rim? Of course, Braddock had to go and say “I’m surprised we haven’t seen any nexu” or something stupid like that, because OF COURSE there were nexu in the ship. And not just nexu, NOOOOO, they were cybernetically enhanced nexu! What kind of sick bastard looks at a large murder machine made of teeth, claws, and bloodlust and thinks “This thing could really use some cybernetic enhancements!”? After letting them chew on the other droid for a bit (not IT-3PO; he’s valuable), we managed to put down three of the abominations. I then had the brilliant idea of cutting out some of the cybernetic enhancements to take back to our employer. We hauled jets out of the wreckage and ran into our friends from The Wheel, those rodians who tried to abscond with IT-3PO. We also ran into IT-3PO old master, the former Captain of the Sa Nalaor. The actual order of events is pretty fuzzy because Braddock decided, in the midst of my negotiations with the rodians, that he needed to shoot them all. While we were still injured from the fight with those enhanced nexu. We were also surrounded. Yeah, I’m thinking tactics is not part of his repertoire. Maybe that’s why he’s a bounty hunter and not a soldier.

The rodians blasted him so bad he was little more than a charred lump, though he did managed to survive somehow. Azira fled from the fight, and who can blame her? It’s not like we were in the strategically advantageous position. The other droid chose that moment to surrender us and offer up all our information, IT-3PO, and our salvage. I’m not sure what gives him the authority to do that. [Note to self: RESTRAINING BOLTS] I didn’t want to give up the salvage; I was already out a lot of money on this trip, so I negotiated with the rodians. They wanted Braddock’s hands. Since he was in no position to disagree, I agreed to slice them off for them and give the rodians a hand (or two). As I drew my vibroblade and moved to carve up some human, they spotted the parts we took off the nexu and agreed to take those instead. Dammit. I would rather they took Braddock’s hands. At least with no hands, he couldn’t shoot anyone I was talking to.

At least we still have information to take back to our employer. I just hope it’s enough to make up for the complete pile of Bantha poodoo this job has become.

Maximo, aka Other Human’s player called out sick, which is why he’s Mr. Not Appearing in this Game. Of course my character thinks his character is goldbricking, because Kelko Gen has contempt for both humans (especially now) and doesn’t trust the self-activating droid. Personally, I felt there were way too many impulsive decisions that were detrimental to our teamwork in this session, but these things happen. At least my dice were rolling better, although almost all of my success came with a bunch of drawbacks. It kind of fits my head canon that I was hungover last session and I’m still recovering this session (drowning to within 1 point of death didn’t help). It’s coincidental, of course, but gives a sort of verisimilitude to the game.

After the game, we spoke briefly on what we were going to play next. There will likely be a Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space one-shot again, followed by me stepping up to the GM plate again. Four out of Six of my players are interested in Fate or Savage Worlds as the next game. One player hasn’t really weighed in, since he was out sick, and the last player indicated a preference for games in which you can see a clear progression of power as your character gains more experience (i.e. the progression of games like Pathfinder & D&D 4E). Frankly, that made me cringe because I’m no longer interested in those types of games. Clearly, we need to have more discussion on the topic. I tried starting a discussion on Obsidian Portal about it, but participation was too sporadic and not inclusive. I suppose the best thing will be to have the discussion before or after a regular game that ends early. I may need to dedicate an entire session to it, though I’m sure that won’t appeal to anyone who has to drive a fair distance to get to my game.

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