Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – Beyond the Rim, part 2

This adventure synopsis is written from the perspective of my Edge of the Empire character, Kelko Gen, a Rodian explorer. It contains spoilers for Fantasy Flight Game’s adventure “Beyond the Rim.”

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Thanks to our highly competent navigator, we arrived in the Cholganna system without incident. Unfortunately, we arrived in the middle of a meteor swarm or some kind of asteroid collision. Looks like I picked the wrong time to drink heavily and stay up all night. Fortunately, the Banshee was up to the challenge of having several space rocks bounce off the hull ’cause she was handling like a brick dragging a parachute. Once I got us into orbit, we scanned the surface for the type of debris you might expect from a Munificent-class frigate. There was quite a lot of debris. At the very least, if the ship for which we searched was not on Cholganna, there was probably something else we could salvage so the trip would turn a profit.

I found a decent landing area only 1/2 a klick from a large deposit of debris. We geared up and ventured into the jungle, leaving the un-designated droid deactivated and stuffed in an escape pod. We brought IT-3PO with us, though. Azira marked the location on her datapad and was using it to lead us through the jungle when she stumbled (or something; I wasn’t really paying attention…try having a pounding hangover headache while you’re in a hot, humid jungle and see how focused you are). She started to fall into a ravine and I dove to save the only female on our vessel. Unfortunately, I tripped over a root and missed by a wide margin, taking a header into a ravine deep enough to turn me into a chunky blue-green paste at the bottom. I was prepared to kiss my ass goodbye when I landed on a ledge. As I lay there contemplated my mortality, the datapad landed on my chest. I don’t know where Azira ended up.

The sounds of gunfire from above told me the human found some trouble of their own, so I tried to see where Azira landed. She was quite a ways below me, and injured, but not dead. There must have been some … Force … protecting her, or maybe Bothans bounce. I shouted up for the humans to stop playing with their guns and lower a rope to us, but they didn’t pay attention to me for quite a while. They eventually lowered down some vines, because we, intrepid jungle explorers that we are with an EXPERIENCED explorer as pilot, FORGOT. ROPE. Clearly, I picked the wrong day to stop smoking.

It turns out, they were shooting at some bugs that were infesting the tree they got the vines from. Humans…can’t even deal with some bugs without their guns. Still, they’ll be useful if we run into an Nexu. We retreated back to the ship because we also left our medpacs on board, and after falling down a cliff and being attacked by bugs, we thought it might be useful to have some sort of first aid capability. We went out again and finally found the debris. It was a crashed escape pod. Our investigation revealed that it was infested by more, different bugs. Maximo, aka Other Human, devised a plan to smoke them out. Unfortunately, while working on putting his plan into attack we were attacked again by some sort of tentacled, toothy monsters. One of them dragged me into the trees, despite my best efforts to stab its face off. Fortunately, the humans shot it until it was dead and it dropped me. It looks like I picked the wrong day to stop huffing glue.

I hearby name Cholganna IV The Planet of Falling. I am tired of falling. It hurts. I don’t bounce well. I’m going to have nightmares now about falling.

We finished making our Log of Smoking Out Nasty Bugs and Maximo pushed it into the water toward the escape pod. It did its job and we were able to finally investigate the pod while we utilized it as a makeshift shelter in the evening. The pod was definitely from the Sa Nalaor. Azira managed to get a cockpit recording of the escape pod working and since we only found one, crushed corpse in the pod itself, we determined there might actually be survivors. That complicates our salvage.

The next morning, feeling better than I did the day before, we set off again. Fortunately, we neither fell off a cliff nor did we encounter any ravenous animals. We did, however, find the main wreckage of the Sa Nalaor. The jungle reclaimed the outer hull, so it was quite well camouflaged, but I was certain we could still get inside. I hope today wasn’t a bad day to stop taking deathsticks.

My character didn’t officially have a hangover, but I have decided it’s the only logical explanation for my inability to roll a success. I rolled the dice twice last session and failed both rolls. I rolled at least six to eight times this session and failed (with varying degrees of disaster) all but the last roll. I’m enjoying the game itself well enough, and it’s not that my character is unskilled in what I’m attempting, but the dice seem to absolutely hate me. I honestly thought at the beginning of the session there was a good chance my blown piloting rolls might cause us to crash our ship and all die in a fiery conflagration…or at least, get stranded on Cholganna. Seriously, it was painful.

Edge of the Empire as a game, though? It’s my favorite Star Wars RPG. It has surpassed WEG’s d6 version, which I’ve adored since the late 80s. I am interested to see how they handle Jedi as characters, though, because I’ve never thought they really worked well in a typical role-playing group of characters. Any future Star Wars games I plan will be with FFG’s system, that’s for sure.

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One thought on “Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – Beyond the Rim, part 2

  1. tink333

    I don’t usually have much to say when Hans posts about our adventures, but I feel compelled to chime in this week.

    I’m truly enjoying EoTE as well. I actually UNDERSTAND most of what I’m doing. The dice make sense, and I can tell if I fail miserably or succeed triumphantly (or fail advantageously. *smirk*), even though I still can’t find stuff on my character sheet that quickly. It will take a couple of more sessions for me to truly get it.

    We got a lot accomplished, this last session, and I can’t help but think it has a lot to do with game mechanics. I get to role play my slicer technician more than I have to think about game mechanics. I should have given myself a little more brawn, though. I focused my character mostly on the skills that support the intellect of what my character is supposed to do, and out in the wilderness of this planet, I have to rely on my teammates to rescue me when I get in a jam. I’m not so comfortable with that (not that my teammates aren’t great, it’s just that I like feeling I’m in a little more control over the physical continuity of my character). Yes, we live and learn. 🙂

    Just one note on the sequence of events above. We actually spent the night in the pod and in the morning went back to the ship to bring the big black box we recovered from the pod. We decided to try to get a bit closer to the next wreckage site so we didn’t have to hike too much in the jungle, given what a wonderful time of it we had the day before. We took the opportunity to grab the medpack to take with us… just in case.

    One final word. Sean is doing a great job as GM. He doesn’t drag us down into the boring minutia of the mundane operations, so game play moves along at a good pace. I also appreciate how much Craig assists me when I’m not sure of what I’m doing. I call him sensei.

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