Goblin Skulls & Shackles, Session 10 – Rickety Squibs, part 2

While recuperating from the naga attack, the Licktoad Pirates continued to watch the refit of Man’s Promise from afar. Several days after the attack, as the sweltering heat showed no signs of letting up, the goblins determined there was not much to do apart from baking in the heat and drinking.

2013-08-23 18.57.09As they wandered the beach, the saw a flock of large birds fly from the jungle canopy. As the flock approached, a buzzing sound grew in the air and they realized they were not birds at all, but rather giant bees*! As these bees were somewhat larger than the Licktoad Pirates, they headed for cover in one of the huts on the beach, but were not able to reach it before three of the bees reached them. Fortunately, their combat skills were up to the task of squashing some insects.

Later that day, the entire settlement was alarmed by a ship appearing in the cover and launching a boat. Brodo Faggins followed Rickety and his men to the dock to meet the approaching buccaneers.  It was a Chelish captain, Merrill Pegsworthy. He apologized for his abrupt arrival; he was not aware there was another ship already being squibbed. He was well aware of the identity of the ship in dry dock and when confronted by Brodo Faggins, he assured the goblins he was no ally of Barnabas Harrigan and offered to rechristen their ship in the spirit of good fortune.

After Captain Pegsworthy departed, Rickety approached the Licktoad Pirates and offered to discount the price on their ship’s refit if they would trek through the jungle and determine why the lookout failed to announce the arrival of Pegsworthy’s ship. Thought the sum he offered was paltry in comparison to how much the squibbing cost, they agreed that some money was better than no money and set out into the jungle.

After being set upon by some angry wild boars, they found what passed for Rickety Squibs’s watchtower: a platform raised on four poles with a rope ladder surrounded by broken bottles. The watchman on duty was tangled in his hammock, swollen and dead from a giant bee attack. The recovered his weapon and dragged the boars back to the settlement to cook and serve to the workers.

And there was much rejoicing (not so much for the dead watchman).

The hot days dragged on as the work continued, but finally, Man’s Promise was ready to sail again. Captain Pegsworthy smashed a bottle of fine wine on her bow and rechristened her Sea Spite. The Licktoad Pirates were ready to once more set sail….

* Actually, they were giant wasps, but I wanted to make the bees joke. 😀

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