Dem Bones – Stone Golem

The next miniature I picked was a Stone Golem. In contrast to a standard D&D Stone Golem, this guy is actually pretty short. Still, the sculpt looked solid and detailed and I was inspired by some Greek sculptures I saw (the kind that are painted; most of what we see in museums have their paint worn off by the long march of time). Here’s the miniature after I cleaned him up. I decided not to base coat/prime this one and just go for straight paint-on-Bones.

Stone Golem cleaned

I started with grey for the body, a dusty blue for the kilt, and antique gold for the bracers. I used a lighter grey for the belt and the same antique gold for the buckle.

SG Base Colors

Already I was kind of blown away how this miniature was turning out compared to the last batch. Of course, the fact that it’s a fairly simple design probably helps, despite the amount of detail visible. Next, I thinned out some black paint and made a wash.

SG wash

The pictures really don’t do it justice. I should adjust my lighting. You can see how the cracks in the kilt “pop” now from the reverse angle, though. So far, I’m liking the Privateer P3 paints. I think I have to invest in some 1 mL syringes (without needles) in order to get a bit of paint so I can create washes and mixes without wasting paint by loading up a brush to swirl around in water I’ve put in my palette*. After the wash dried, I used some of the lighter grey (I think I used the same color that was in the belt) to dry brush the entire miniature.

SG dry brush

At some point, I also painted his eyes red, to reflect the malevolent magics that were animating this half-naked, ripped statue. I decided to call this miniature “Done” and base him. I didn’t take pictures of my first attempt. I was horrified at what I had done. Fortunately, when you use Elmer’s glue to affix your basing materials, you can just peel them right off (though they stay on perfectly well if you’re not trying to remove them).

SG based

It’s not bad, actually. I’ll probably apply just a bit of extra color to the brown clumps, but overall, I’m really pleased with this miniature. It’s the best I’ve done out of the Bones Kickstarter minis so far, and one of my best overall. I might actually take this one over to my FLGS for their monthly painting contest (although, most of the entries I’ve seen are “busier” miniatures than this one).

* Funny story, I use distilled water to thin my paints so minerals in the water don’t discolor the paint. I’ve also been using distilled water to clean my brushes. Of course, one must PAY for distilled water. It occurred to me just this weekend that I could use tap water for cleaning my brushes. DUH! *faceplam*
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One thought on “Dem Bones – Stone Golem

  1. Oh looks great! Really effective way of painting him like ‘stone’ in the highlighting!
    And haha, yes tap water (and I sometimes use hair conditioner) will clean your brushes :3

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