Dem Bones – Fire. Fire! FIRE!

For my next magic trick, I shall bring light to fire.

Fire UnwrappedOne of the challenges I knew going into the Reaper Bones, was how to paint the translucent miniatures. One school of thought is that you need only a few washes and highlights and you’re done. Well, my skills really aren’t up to that challenge (it’s harder than you think since thinned-out paints don’t have a good track record of adhering to Bones miniatures). Another school of thought is to just base them and move on. After gluing it to a base, I decided to take a third option.

Fire Based

Come to think of it, I think I forgot to wash this mini. No matter, I wasn’t painting it anyway. Owen K. C. Stephens (whom I spoke to several times at Gen Con, yet not about Reaper Bones at all) posted on Google+ his technique of highlighting the fire with Sharpies and basing the minis on LEDs.


I happen to have a plethora of Sharpies. You could even say I have myriad Sharpies in my basement. My first wife was an avid scrapbooker and she bought stuff. A LOT of stuff. Stickers, stamps, paper, paper cutters, Sharpies, gidgets, woo-has, Wangdoodles, and Hornswogglers, and Snozzwangers, and rotten, Vermicious Knids. Well, I gave most of it away after she died, but I kept a paper cutter (useful for cutting out map tiles) and the Sharpies (not to be confused with Shar Peis). So, I used red and orange to highlight the edges of my fire.

I found a source for flickering candle LED tealights on Amazon and bought 10 or so.I figured out how to remove the flame tip from the LED (it requires application of a sharp object).


After carefully measuring the size of the LED, I drilled a hole in the base of the mini. I actually went a little too deep and off-center. Next time, I’ll drill the hole in the base and the mini BEFORE I glue them together so I avert the near-disaster that would be drilling through the side of the mini. I then glued the mini on top of the LED. It sits a little high, but apart from removing the LED from the tealight base and having wires run from the mini to some other location, this will do for now.


Unfortunately, the Sharpie didn’t show up quite as much as I’d hoped. I should’ve grilled Owen more on his technique. Still, it looks pretty good

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One thought on “Dem Bones – Fire. Fire! FIRE!

  1. Oh that came out so so cool!! I never even considered the difficulties of painting a transparent mini!
    And sharpies! What a great idea!! I use these to lay down ‘freehand’ painting guides, but never thought of actually using them to colour/highlight anything.
    Obviously, more research is indicated! ~TO GOOGLE!

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