Goblin Skulls & Shackles, Session 9 – Rickety Squibs

A couple of new mechanics were introduced in this session: Infamy & Disrepute and Plunder. Infamy & Disrepute is important for the PCs to gain a reputation among the other pirate crews and settlements in the area and be able to use that influence on their crew. Plunder is an abstract way of tracking wealth so that we don’t have to log every bolt of cloth and sack of grain plundered ships are carrying. That kind of book keeping can get really tedious. I handed all the relevant tracking forms off to Captain Spack Jarrow’s player.

After two days of hard sailing, and a near-bout of Ghoul Fever for Captain Spack Jarrow, Man’s Promise* arrived at Rickety Squibs. A longboat rowed out to meet them as they entered the harbor. Once it was established the goblins weren’t there for raiding, negotiations began for the squibbing of the ship. Squibbing involves altering the ship’s lines so that it looks different, yet retains the same capabilities. Rickety Hake doesn’t care who the ship is crewed by, as long as they can pay. And even if they can’t, he’s willing to take a percentage until the work is done. And thus was the agreement the goblins entered into with Rickety Hake: he gets 1/3rd of their plunder, paid monthly, until their debt is paid, plus 500 pieces of gold for a wider rudder to improve maneuverability.

Rickety’s laborers helped secure the ship in drydock and work began. Garagornne befriend a goblin dog that wandered into the settlement and calmed him down before the workers were able to kill him. She called him “Dimly.” The goblins and crew spent a day in the Commons drinking, carousing, and generally telling tales of their exploits, while the hammering, sawing, and cursing continued around their ship non-stop. Despite themselves, Rickety’s workers were impressed by the goblin pirates and invited them down to the beach for some drinking and to play Nine Pin. As they were complaining about the oppressive heat and dryness associated with the drought, despite the air’s humidity, one of the workers was dragged into the water by an aggressive water naga. Once she was done eating him, she turned her attentions to the goblins.

The goblins did not hesitate to wade into the fray and despite the naga’s ferocity, defeated her. Sadly, the worker was not among the living after the battle and Shahn Dook Pizzard and Brodo Faggins both were suffering from the naga’s virulent poison. They tended to their wounded as they contemplated what could have driven the naga from her usual hunting ground….

I intended to run a short one-shot or two-shot adventure of a different game in between Adventure Path modules. Unfortunately, I forgot about that. I was also exhausted from Gen Con, so I was not as energetic as I should have been for this session and I cut things short. That’ll teach me to schedule a game the Friday after Gen Con.

*I’m sure my players will correct me on the name of their ship, but until the refit is complete, “Man’s Promise” is the name on the side of the ship, and that is what I will call it. :p


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5 thoughts on “Goblin Skulls & Shackles, Session 9 – Rickety Squibs

  1. Did you have a mini for the naga?

    • I have a couple of naga miniatures from various D&D Miniatures sets I bought back in the day. I didn’t have the EXACT naga mini (water naga), but a Dark Naga was close enough.

  2. Oh yeah. Wasn’t that one a gencon mini?

  3. Yes, I think all of the gencon minis were also released with other sets

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