Dem Bones – Not Reaper Bones, but still miniatures!

Since I have a ton of unpainted minis, while I’m going through my Reaper Bones, I’m also painting up some of the metal minis that have languished, paintless and naked for far too long. Since my goblin pirate campaign is going strong, I’m concentrating on painting up a bunch of pirate minis right now.

Powder MonkeyFirst up is a Powder Monkey that came with the goblin gunslinger mini I painted several months ago. He’s not really going to have a major part to play, but I think I will throw him on the ship just for fun.

CaptainNext is a pirate captain. He’s a lot more civilized-looking than the main antagonist of the campaign so far, so this mini might stand in for a different pirate captain whenever I need one. Close inspection will reveal that I mistakenly painted his hands as gloves (he only has bracers and the cuffs of his frilly shirt stick out from under them). By the time I realized those were NOT gloves on his hands, I couldn’t be arsed to change it….so he’s wearing gloves that his shirt partially covers AND bracers. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Pirate wParrotFinally, my personal favorite of the batch: a one-legged pirate with a parrot. I especially like the parrot, even though it looks like I need to go back and paint the parrot’s eye. I used a scarlet macaw for reference.

All of these miniatures were painted with a combination of Vallejo paints and Privateer Press P3 paints. Unlike the Bones miniatures, I primed these before painting them. There’s no step-by-step photos because I’m mostly just showing them off (although you can see them in various stages in the backgrounds of some of the Bones photos).

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4 thoughts on “Dem Bones – Not Reaper Bones, but still miniatures!

  1. Looks great! I think I had like three of those Reaper pirate sets at one time. A local shop had them on clearance.

  2. franz schauer

    sorry to say, but especially the monkey just looks awful!

    • I’m rather disappointed you dug up & commented on a 3 year-old blog post but couldn’t be bothered to leave constructive criticism.

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