Dem Bones – Pirate Lass, Famale Gnome, Dwarf Pirate, and Totally-Not Space Marine

Sorry for the LONG delay. Gen Con happened. For my next painting trick, I chose a smattering of smaller miniatures. To start, I washed them all in warm, soapy water, gave them a good rinse and let them dry.

All 4 Clean Reverse All 4 Clean

Two of them, a Nova Corp Female and Mariel Twinspar needed to be straightened out. You can see here how much they were leaning.

Unwrapped & Bent

To straighten them, I boiled a small pot of water. I also prepared another container of iced water, not unlike one does when one is blanching vegetables. I held the minis in the boiling water for no more than ten seconds. I used a hemostat for the first one, which actually caused a noticeable dent in the base.  The other I just used my fingers and immersed the base. I could feel the plastic change and the minis straightened themselves out, mostly.  To fix them, I plunged them into the ice bath. This was the result: Straightened

After that, I trimmed them as best I could, but I’ve found, so far, it’s really hard to tell what needs to be trimmed when Bones are unpainted. For these four, I decided to go with a base coat of Cold Grey.

All 4 Basecoat All 4 Base coat reverse

The base coat did identify a few areas I wanted to trim. I then painted a few other minis while I waited for my base coat to dry. Once the base coat dried, I started putting on some colors. Much to my annoyance, I noticed some of the paint didn’t adhere as well as I would have liked. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the consistency of the paints or if maybe I just didn’t shake them enough. I think on the next set of Bones I paint, I’ll do away with the base coat altogether and just put the colors I want directly on the unpainted surface. I’ll be sure to pick just a couple (or maybe just one) of the minis I’m not likely to ever use (like Mister Bones) for that particular experiment.

Ingrid 1st Colors

Ingrid here is going to end up standing in for a female halfling pirate in my campaign named Rosie Cuswell. I’m going to go with a darker palette for her.

Gruff 1st Colors

Gruff is going to stand in for another NPC in the same campaign, Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop. He’s not a dwarf, but rather a fat, drunken, ship’s cook. This particular miniature is large enough, scale-wise, to easily pass as a slovenly human, and so he shall be. Shortly after I finished today’s painting session, I drilled out the hole in his cleaver. Though his initial paint job will make him look pretty clean, I’m going to try to figure out a way to dirty him up. Hygiene has no place in a pirate ship’s galley.

Mariel 1st Colors

Mariel is also going to stand in for an NPC, Sandara Quinn. She’s one of the PCs’ staunchest allies and even though she’s a priestess of Besmara, I’m going to go with a bright, pirate-y color palette because this miniature will probably end up being used for lots of female pirates in the future since I have a grand total of two female pirate miniatures.

Nova Corp F 1st colors

This is the first Bones mini that actually got unwrapped, aside from Kaladrax the Reborn. Her baggie was never sealed, so she fell out when I was going through the Vampire box. I’m going with a military-style palette because these Nova Corp minis are going to be used for just about any non-Imperial security force in future Star Wars games (especially Corporate Sector Authority Espos).

—- You can’t tell, but I went to Gen Con in between writing the first part and finishing this blog post —-

Since I was not satisfied with the way my Vallejo paints were performing, even on the base-coated minis (and maybe the sculpts weren’t that good, either), I purchased a whole MESS of Privateer Press P3 paints during the hiatus at Gen Con. I finished up the miniatures with those.

I cannot say yet how well the P3 paints perform on naked Bones versus the Vallejo, but they worked well enough to finish up the minis. Based on a few metal minis I painted at the same time (there will be a brief post about those later), I think part of the problem is with the Bones minis themselves. I think some of the sculpts just aren’t as detailed as some of the others, so when I paint them together, I get inconsistent results. Mariel vs. Gruff is a very good example of that. Mariel just didn’t see to have a lot of definition, whereas Gruff had more. Neither of them had as much as the fire giant.

So, I’m less than thrilled with the way these turned out. It also didn’t help (particularly on the Nova Corp Female) that my hand was shaking too much to get some of the lines as fine as I wanted. If I had to rate my own work, I would rate Mariel as poor, Gruff, Ingrid, and the Nova Corp Female as just O.K.

Mariel Front Mariel ReverseI think Mariel suffered from a lack of detail in the sculpt.

Gruff Front Gruff ReverseGruff turned out OK. The inconsistency of the paint on his shirt and do-rag actually helped dirty him up.

Ingrid Front Ingrid ReverseIngrid turned out OK, too. Her base was mostly rocks, and my dry brushing didn’t come through in the picture as well as I hoped. Neither did the glossy effect I attempted on the gem in her hand.

Nova Corp F Nova Corp F reverseThe Nova Corp Female turned out OK, too. My main problem here wasn’t a lack of detail in the mini so much as it was unsteady hands when trying to paint fine lines.

Next up: I’m going to experiment a bit with FIRE.

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