Gen Con Wrap-up – Gamer Edition

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I didn’t play any games at Gen Con this year, unless you count “Dodge the Giant Backpack” or “Evade Sudden-Direction Changes.” I did get a little shopping in and I got to see a lot of friends again from all over the world. And that’s really what Gen Con is about for me: re-forging those connections.

Why heck, I was even visited at my table on Author’s Avenue by a friend I had not seen since 1988 (maybe 1990). He had seen on Facebook that I had a table on Author’s Avenue and came by on Family Day with his family to say “Hi.” He was the guy who introduced me to D&D in the first place, way back when I was 8 years old. Were it not for him, my life would likely have taken a very different course. In a way, his act of introducing me to that little game in the red box with the funny dice led me to my involvement in the industry (in my capacity as ENnie Awards Submissions Coordinator) and to becoming an author. I thanked him. I told him, “This, all this *gesturing to the con*, my involvement here, is all thanks to you.”

You can’t really put a price on something like that. It’s the best thing one can take away from a convention like Gen Con: the people connection.

I always run myself ragged at Gen Con, yet I always feel rejuvenated by having attended. It’s amazing.

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