Goblin Skulls & Shackles, Session 8 – Rescuing the Crew

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When we last left our intrepid goblin pirates, they had just defeated a trio of nasty, ghoulettes. They searched the mock boudoir and found some booty to add to their meager loot pile, but more importantly, they found tracks indicating someone or something moved past the ghouls and into a nearby cave. Shahn Dook Pizzard volunteered to make sure the crew wasn’t absconding with the ship while the rest of the group entered the cave.

The cave was partially flooded. The water sloshed up around the goblins’ knees. In the dank dark, the stench of death and decay permeated the air. Since the monkey goblins couldn’t see well in the dark, Spack Jarrow cast light upon his shield. In a small nook, there was some sort of construction, a shrine, perhaps. Upon it, a familiar hat: Sandara Quinn’s tricorn. Four grindylows rose from hidden nooks in the water to attack the interlopers in their lair. The goblins made short work of them and pressed on.

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Brodo Faggins set off a hidden tripwire under the water and narrowly avoided the spiked iron grate that fell from its concealment on the ceiling. The ruckus gained the attention of three lacedons. They were not as easily defeated as the grindylows, but ultimately, the goblins were victorious. Behind a locked cage door, they found their missing crewmates, chained to stalagmites. They seemed no worse for the wear, except for Fishguts Kroop. The lacedons had been dining on one of his ample legs and he was near death. Garagornne thought she could fashion a peg leg to replace the missing limb once they returned to the ship. They searched the lacedons for treasure and returned to Man’s Promise.

The crew was ready to sail when they returned and the goblin-led pirates made way for Rickety Squibs….

And thus, did The Wormwood Mutiny end and the PCs sailed into the next adventure of the path, Raiders of the Fever Sea. I excised a vast portion of the island because after some clever playing over the last couple of sessions, there was really very little reason for them to be on the island, and certainly no incentive for them to explore the entire island. Now I’m going to have to work up a couple of worksheets so I can keep track of their Infamy and Disrepute, two mechanics which will become important once Man’s Promise is refit.

This week is Gen Con!

KermitTheFrogFlailI’ll be in the Dealer Hall most of the time, and when I’m not, most of my free time is spoken for already, and I am not even scheduled to play any games! (Gen Con has been a working convention for me for the last couple of years; I play at Gary Con in March). If you need to find me, the easiest way will be to come to the Dealer Hall and go to Author’s Avenue. I’m at Table AA, near Stan! and the Media Guest of Honor autograph area. I’ll be selling my novels there. (What? You didn’t know I wrote? Yup. Check it out.)

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