Dem Bones (Reapermas is Come!)

Last year I participated in a Kickstarter run by Reaper Miniatures; the Reaper Bones Kickstarter. On Wednesday, my miniatures arrived.

2013-07-03 15.02.33 2013-07-03 15.22.50

You can see in the second picture, one of the opened storage cases (far right), the Vampire-backer level box (right center), the add-ons (left center), and Kaladrax the Reborn (far left). Kaladrax, when assembled, is going to be about the size and weight of my cat. The box with the Vampire-backer minis contains 236-ish miniatures. I added on an additional 8 including Kaladrax (and mistakenly ordered a second set of Storm Giants). Unfortunately, my Clockwork Dragon did NOT show up. Obviously, it was an error in the packing process and I’m sure Reaper will take care of it when they have time. It’s REALLY unfortunate because that was one of the ones I was most looking forward to seeing. Ah well, it just means I’ll be having another good mail day in the future.

It is truly an insane amount of miniatures. I’ve only unwrapped a couple of the miniatures at this point because I don’t want to feel overwhelmed with the amount I have to paint. Also, I want to try a blogging experiment. One-at-a-time, I will pick a miniature (sometimes I’ll pick a specific one, other times, I’ll just reach in and grab one), assemble it if neccesary, then paint it and blog the results. This might encourage me to actually paint a significant number of them. It might not, but I’m going to try.

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One thought on “Dem Bones (Reapermas is Come!)

  1. This I’m really looking forward to, Hans. I haven’t painted for 20+ years, and I expect the Reaper delivery to kickstart it back (nyuk).

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