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Goblin Skull & Shackles, Session 2 – Press-Ganged!

During a night of drunken revelry in celebration of their recovery of the fireworks for the tribe, the goblins decided they needed more booze. Fortunately, a human was driving a cart through their swamp and was good enough to flee when they attacked. The booze flowed freely before they returned to their village.

When the Licktoad goblins awoke, their heads pounded and the room swayed. Cruel mans kicked them out of beds and the goblins finally realized they were not back in their village after all. They were brought up onto the deck of a ship far away from any land they could see. Several others joined them on deck amidst the working sailors; apparently, the goblins were not the only ones press-ganged onto this ship. A large brute of a man stood on the poop deck and addressed the crew. He was Captain Barnabas Harrigan of the Wormwood and they were all now part of his crew. He explained the only rule they needed to remember: Don’t talk to him, and instructed his First Mate Mr. Plugg and the bosun Mr. Scourge to put everybody to work.

Garagornne “volunteered” to be the Cook’s Mate by acknowledging that she could cook, while Spack Jarrow impressed them with his ability to navigate the rigging and was assigned to be a rigger. Ent Cleastwood and Brodo Faggins were assigned as deckswabs. Curiously, a  priestess of Besmara, Sandara Quinn, also “volunteered” to be part of the Wormwood’s crew and befriended fellow Bemaran Spack Jarrow.

The first day’s activities were capped with the keel hauling of Jakes Magpie, who was caught stealing from the Quartermaster, Cut-Throat Grok. When the keel hauling was finished, Jakes Magpie was dumped overboard for the sharks. The pirates had their dinner, their rum ration and retired for the evening.

Day two began with a group of four human pirates blocking the way out of the hold, claiming they needed to show the goblins who was in control. Before the fight could start, Ent Cleastwood threw a lantern at the men, shattered it and setting part of the hold on fire. The crew came together to fight the blaze, putting it out before it could cause serious damage. They captured Ent Cleastwood and brought him before Mr. Scourge and the Captain for punishment. It was the word of the goblins against six humans, so they sentenced Ent Cleastwood to a day in the sweatbox because he was new; the next time he would be keel hauled for doing something that stupid. (I actually feel a little guilty for not straight-off keel hauling Ent Cleastwood, after all, several warnings were given out-of-game that fire was the arch-enemy of ships at sea, reprisals for setting the ship on fire would be both swift and terrible, and it was generally a BAD idea. I relented because it was only the second session with these characters and the first on board the ship. The gloves are off on ship-board punishments, now, though).

While Ent Cleastwood was in the sweatbox, the rest of the crew went about their duties and the Lick Toad goblins worked on befriending some of the crew and tried to figure out how to get their possessions back. By the third day, Brodo Faggins learned where their possessions were and who held the key. Despite being impaled by a harpoon that he failed to detect while picking the lock to the armory, they pressed on. After healing from the impalement, Brodo stole the key from the drunken Quartermaster, Cut-Throat Grok, and the goblins took their items. They cleaned out the locker that held their gear and stashed all the other ill-gotten booty in the duffle of the ringleader of the humans who tried to start a fight with them the previous day. It was only a matter of time until the theft was discovered….

The first session of the Adventure Path went well. We didn’t get as far as I thought we would, but it’s difficult to judge how much RP a group can get through; the first 21 days on the ship are very RP-heavy. I mentioned earlier I felt guilty about not keel hauling Ent Cleastwood, but having a PC executed like that (and there was NO WAY a 1st level PC can survive that) just seems cheap, although the other players unanimously said they would have supported me had I executed Ent Cleastwood for setting fire to the ship.

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