Switching Gears

As usual, real life is interfering with our game and causing attendance woes. This is causing problems because it’s difficult to explore cursed ruins when half – three-quarters of your adventuring party suddenly disappear. While I’m OK with a little discontinuity, some things are difficult to handwave.

Now, the original plan was to just play an alternate game when we couldn’t play D&D. This isn’t working out so well because bouncing back and forth between system is causing rules confusion and making it difficult for my wife to actually learn D&D. So, I’ve adjusted my plan.
Each DoctorStrange Roll session will now play D&D. If the core group is all who show up (I’ve identified who is most reliable with their attendance) we will play a new campaign (which is, as yet, unnamed) I’m working on just for them. It’s a D&D 4E Eberron campaign. If the table is full (which rarely happens due to these aforementioned attendance issues) and/or we have all party members with non-redundant classes, we will continue the Official DoctorStrange Roll game. If current trends continue, this means we’ll be playing D&D 4E 2 out of every 3 sessions.

While it is not my favorite iteration of the D&D ruleset, D&D 4E is VERY easy for me to prep and run and based on a rather informal internet survey I conducted there is a general feeling that it is one of the easier versions of D&D for a new player to learn.

So, shortly, a new tab will be appearing at the top of the site linking to my D&D 4E Eberron game. Game session updates will still appear in the blog feed, but campaign background information will be on that page.

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