Off Session 2

Sorry for the delay in updating, work has been … stressful.

When we last left our Heroes of the Old Republic, they were hiking up a mountain path to the mine staffed by the occupants of Outpost 3 on Dantooine. They arrived to find the mine seemingly abandoned. Four large insect creatures (laigrek) were milling about the main processing area and moved to attack when our intrepid investigators entered. Despite the Jedi’s lightsaber, the battle seemed to be going poorly until Baccus used some mining explosives. When the dust and bug guts settled, they went about investigating the control room near the processing area.

They found evidence of another bug in the control room (probably fled from the massive explosion that just took place), and a curious thing: the surveillance system had been sabotaged. Something strange was in the air, a discordant musical sound echoing through the mine. They set out to investigate, following the rails deeper into the mine until they found a working shaft lift. As they descended the lift, the musical notes became louder.

At the bottom of the shaft, they found a labyrinth of mining tunnels. However, one was clearly used more than the rest, so the heroes followed the trail to a large chamber full of copper-colored translucent crystals. The chamber contained several examination tables, medical diagnostic equipment, some odd-looking machinery, and many empty cages. One of the cages was not, in fact, empty, and contained a strange creature that looked like a butternut squash on top of banana leaves wearing a mushroom. A Squib was fiddling with the lock on its cage whilst making the musical noises on a strange instrument.

The Squib, whom our heroes had difficult getting a name from (they alternately called him Ikky, Rikki, Tikki, but not Tavi), was a prisoner of a scary-looking Mirulakan, as was the strange, plant-looking alien, who introduced himself as “Bob” (with a strange emphasis on the “b” sounds). Both “Bob” and Padawan Jakar could sense the Force in one another. The heroes freed the aliens, collected some samples of crystals and poked around the makeshift lab. They found a datapad with a slicer’s spike attached to it. Fortunately, the spike was rigged to not work properly, so they were able to see several journal entries entered by Ben-Dara Jobi.

Ben-Dara Jobi Alpha Phase Journal

They concluded that it appeared Ben-Dara Jobi was experimenting with sapients to attempt to infuse them with Force energy in the hopes of repairing his own severed connection with the Force. They searched around the lower levels some more and found the masticated corpses of the missing miners–presumably the people upon whom Ben-Dara Jobi was experimenting. They left the mine and returned their borrowed mining equipment to Outpost 3, told the remaining citizens of the remains of the miners and headed back to Garang. There, they attempted to track down the man who sold the data spike to Ben-Dara Jobi. They found him in an electronics store, but to their dismay, he only SOLD the data spike, he didn’t program it.

Next, our intrepid band went to a cantina to attempt to locate the slavers with whom Ben-Dara Jobi dealt to get offworld. While subtlety wasn’t their strong suit (Baccus just out-and-out asked a seedy-looking fellow where he could buy someone to do work that he didn’t have to pay). Fortunately, no one called the police on their for their suspiciously-specific inquires and they learned that the only people who recently visited Dantooine who might be involved with such nefarious dealings was a Rattataki named Karsta Djannis. The man was reluctant to say more, so he suggested Baccus look around “sunfall.” Baccus suggested to the rest of the group that they wait until dusk to see if he came back to the cantina.

Meanwhile, the others discussed attempting to track down a slicer who programmed the data spike and was apparently jilted by Ben-Dara Jobi. They had the names of the only two slicers of that skill known to operate in Garang: Moki and Dandy Black….

The next game will take place on May 4th. As that is “Star Wars Day” (May the 4th be with you!), we’ll likely continue the Star Wars campaign and pick the Doctor StrangeRoll game back up on May 18th.


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